Clear Form Button

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The Clear form button located at the bottom of request forms on the ILLiad web interface is used to reset a form back to its initial state when first loaded in the user's web browser. Forms can be blank when initially loaded, for example in the case that a new request is created directly from the ILLiad web interface, or may have some fields prepopulated with information upon initial load, for example in the case that a request is created through an OpenURL link in the library catalog or from another external source that is configured to pass data automatically to the ILLiad request. 

'Clear Form' Button Behavior

Clicking the Clear form button will completely clear the information in the form only if the form is blank when initially loaded. If a form is initially loaded with some data already populated in its fields, then clicking the button will not completely clear the form, but will instead act as a reset button that clears out any changes that have been made manually by the user to the data in the form since it was first loaded in the user's web browser.

Clear Form button on an ILLiad request form


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