Aeon 5.0 Scheduled Date update

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Aeon 5.0 moved functionality to the Customization Manager for sites to set their scheduled dates and other closures. There are three news keys: ScheduledDateMinimumDays, ScheduledDateMaximumDays, ScheduledDateDefaultSchedule and one new table: ScheduledClosures.

ScheduledDateDefaultSchedule is used to block days of the week when the library is closed. Rather than the former true/false values, the site will simply enter open days in the key. Ex: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

ScheduledDateMinimumDays allows the site to block a certain number of days before a request can be made. Default is 0 (equal to today). Ex: If the site requires 48 hours before a request can be scheduled, the ScheduledDateMinimumDays would be set to 2.

ScheduledDateMaximumDays is used to allow sites to limit how far into the future patrons can request. Ex: 365 will allow requests to be made only for the next year.

ScheduledClosures is a table added to the Customization Manager. The table can be populated with days the library will be closed. This includes one-off/variable dates and recurring holidays.



For sites moving to Aeon 5.0 or later from a previous version, the scheduled-date.js file will need to be updated with the new version. However, you should not just overwrite the existing scheduled-date.js file. Instead, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Customization Manager and locate the ScheduledClosures table

  2. Use the existing scheduled-date.js file or run this AJAX query to find the currently blocked dates

  3. Transfer all dates from today into the future from the scheduled-date.js to the ScheduledClosures table manually or by running a SQL INSERT query

  4. Once you’ve added all existing holidays, install the new version of scheduled-date.js in the js folder in all relevant directories

    To obtain the new version of the scheduled-date.js file, please visit the Aeon Downloads page and download the latest default web page files for the version of Aeon you have installed. 
  5. Login to the site’s web pages to verify the dates are blocked as listed


The old method of controlling the scheduled date via the scheduled-date.js will work until scheduled-date.js is replaced with the updated version.


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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