Configuring Activity Statuses

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Additional Activity Statuses can be added in the CustomDropDown table in the Aeon Customization Manager. You can also create Activity Statuses that are only available for a specific type of activity. These must be added with the group name of "ActivityStatus[Activity Type]." For example, if you have an Activity Type of Exhibit and want certain Activity Statuses to display for the Exhibit type, you would need to create a record in the CustomDropDown table that has a Group Name of "ActivityStatusExhibit." Statuses defined with these more specific names will be used by Activities of that type instead of the less specific statuses defined with the plain "ActivityStatus" group name.

As of Aeon 4.0, two new fields have been added to the Activities table: ActivityStatus and ActivityStatusDate. The Activity Status will allow you to track the current state and progress of Activities, and the Activity Status Date will record the time that the Activity was set at that status. By default, the statuses available to a typical Activity will be Created, In Progress, Fulfilled, and Completed. The In Progress and Fulfilled statuses can be deleted or edited. The "Created" status is the initial status of all new Activities and is automatically assigned; it cannot be selected by staff.

  1. In the Aeon Customization Manager, navigate to the CustomDropDown table.
  2. Add a new record by clicking New Record. You can also copy an existing record by clicking Copy Record.
  3. Fill in the following values:

    Group Name The Custom drop down group: this must be ActivityStatus or
    ActivityStatus[Activity Type] (for example, ActivityStatusExhibit).
    Label Name The name of the label.
    Label Value The value that will display in the drop-down list.

  4. Click Save.

Tracking with the Activity Status

Tracking done with the Activity Statuses is done manually. Multiple requests can be associated with Activities, and they will maintain their transaction status separately. The Activity Status gives you a way to track the overall status of an Activity. For example, if you have a number of requests associated with a specific exhibit, you can move the Activity to "In Progress" once the work has begun, to "Fulfilled" once all the requests have been retrieved and checked out, and to "Completed" once all billing has been completed.


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