Searching the Customization Manager

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The Customization Manager provides a search interface to quickly locate customization keys and table in the explorer view. The search will attempt to find customization keys where the key name, value or description matches your search term. Search results will also include customization tables that match your search term.

  1. Enter a search term in the Search Tab of the Home menu.
  2. Click the search button or type enter to perform your search

To view previous search terms, click the small arrow in the search textbox. Click one of the previous search terms to have it entered into the search textbox. Click on the X next to a previously searched term to remove it from the search dropdown.

Search Results

After performing a search, matching search results will be displayed in the lower part of the Explorer View. Both Customization keys and Tables will be displayed in this area. Click on a search result item to directly modify the key or table.

Getting Help

In the upper right corner of the Customization Manager is a Help icon. The Help icon, displayed as a ? in a red circle, performs a search on the Aeon Documentation for articles related to the current key or table being edited.


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