User Password Expiration

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Password changes do not impact RemoteAuth or LDAP users.

Changing The Default Expiration Date

A PasswordChangedDate column in the Users table allows you to modify the expiration date through customization keys.

UserPasswordExpirationEnabled Allows you to turn on the password expiration capabilities.
UserPasswordExpirationDays The number of days a password will last before expiring. Default 180 days.

Password expiration notifications can be implemented so they notify users on the Web Interface Status Line of the ChangePassword.html page if they have been impacted by any expiration date criteria set in the database. 

SLUserExpired Displays a "Your Password has expired. Please update your password" notice to users if they attempt to logon with an expired password.
SLPasswordDoesNotMeetHistoryRequirements Displays a "Your new password must be different than the previous password" notice to users who attempt to reset their passwords to the same value as their previous password.

The ChangePassword.html form now displays immediately after a user logs in if a password change is required. To avoid losing the session state & information if entering ILLiad via OpenURL, enter the <#FORMSTATE> tag on the ChangePassword.html. 

<form action="illiad.dll" method="post" name="ChangePassword" class="f-wrap-request">
	<input type="hidden" name="ILLiadForm" value="ChangePassword">
	<input type="hidden" name="Username" value="<#PARAM name='Username'>">
	<input type="hidden" name="SessionID" value="<#PARAM name='SessionID'>">
		<div class="req"><b>*</b> Indicates required field</div>


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