User Dropdown Fields

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The Department, Status and State field values are populated from entries in the CustomDropDown table in the ILLiad Customization Manager. In fields where the Label Name and Label Value differ (such as the State field,) both values are displayed in the drop-down list. The Location field values are populated from entries in the DeliveryLocations table.

New values can be typed into most of the custom drop-down fields of the User and Clear Users form; they will be saved as values in the drop-down list for that user ONLY. Note that these values will display in the User and Request forms and on search grids, but are not saved to the database. If the field is changed to any other value, the value that was previously typed in will be removed from the drop-down list when the form is closed. To add values to the dropdown list permanently you must add them to the CustomDropDown table in the Customization Manager. Note that you cannot type a value into the Location field.

To learn how to add Department and Status values to the dropdown list, see Custom DropDown.


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