Managing Bundles

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The Manage Bundles Form

You can view, edit, and manage Bundles from the Manage Bundles form. To access this form:

  1. From the Aeon main screen, click the Manage tab.
  2. Click Bundles.

From this form, you can search for and view all Aeon Bundles,  view the requests that are assigned to each Bundle, and edit bundle names and descriptions. You can also remove one or more requests from a Bundle.

Editing Bundle Name and Description

Step 1: To edit a bundle's name and description, go to the "Manage" tab and click "Bundles"
Step 2: Search for the Bundle you wish to edit
Step 3: Make any necessary edits in the text boxes within the Bundle Details box
Step 4: Click "Save Bundle" to save the changes

Viewing Bundle Information

Viewing Bundle Information on a Request List

From any request list, the Bundle ID, Bundle Name, and Bundle Description columns will display.

Viewing Bundle Information on a Request Form

The Bundle ID, Bundle Name, and Bundle Description fields can be added to the Request form. See Editing Form Layout for instructions.


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