Cancelling a Request

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You can cancel requests from the Aeon Desktop Client for a variety of reasons that you configure in the Aeon Customization Manager.

Note: Request processing functionality is currently only supported in the Aeon Desktop Client and cannot be performed from the Aeon Web Client.

Cancelling A Request 

To cancel a request in the Aeon Desktop Client, first, open the request via the request list or a search.

  1. Click the Cancel button in the Cancellation group on the Home ribbon. A Reason for Cancellation Dropdown appears.
  2. In the dropdown, select your Reason for Cancellation.
  3. Selecting the reason for cancellation may prompt a default note in the lower text field. You can edit this note if you would like.
  4. You can choose to send an email to the user by checking the Send Email button. You can review this email in the system by selecting Edit Email.
  5. Click Cancel Request.
  6. The Transaction Status changes to Cancelled by Staff.

If you cancel a photoduplication request and need to issue a refund, you can do that on the request's Billing form.

Editing the Cancellation Email

If you click the Edit Email option and proceed to cancel the request, this option will be saved on the local computer for the logged-in Windows username. It will remain selected after closing and reopening the desktop client.

You can choose to send an email notifying the user of the cancellation. You can also edit the email before sending it.

  1. Check Send Email to send a notification email to the user.
  2. Check Edit Email to view and edit the email before sending it.
  3. If you choose to edit the email, the email form will be displayed when you click Cancel Request.
  4. After editing the email, click the Send Email button to send the email and continue the cancellation.


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