Configuring Custom Batch Processing

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Custom Batch Processing allows staff to configure unique and customized workflow processes. You can create custom batch processes to streamline your workflow in the Customization Manager under the Batch Processing tab. Choose one or several Starting Statuses, select an End Status, and save the Batch Process. Custom Batch Processes display in the Client below the standard Batch Processes on the Process icon found in the Home ribbon.

Creating Custom Batch Processes

To create a new custom batch process:

  1. Click on the Batch Processing tab and select New from Editing Options.
  2. Choose a Name for your new custom batch process.
  3. Choose the starting statuses that you want to include in the custom batch process. Note that when you select a starting status, all statuses that are not within that queue type are rendered inactive.
  4. Select the end status that you want the item to be routed to as a result of the batch processing. Statuses within this drop-down are limited to those statuses sharing the queue type of the selected starting statuses.
  5. Save your changes in the Customization Manager.

All new custom batch processes will now display in the Client on the Process icon of the Home ribbon.




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