Custom landing page for Uncleared Users

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This feature adds an option to prevent uncleared users from using the web site. When this feature is enabled, users with a clearance status of No (uncleared) will be redirected to a specific landing page whenever they try to navigate around the site. This works in a similar fashion to the handling for the NEW clearance status, i.e. whatever the user tries to do in the web, they'll be sent to the new user registration page.

This feature is considered enabled by the existence of the correctly named page, which is 'Uncleared.html' by convention. If the file exists, it will be shown to uncleared users that try to log in. If not, the web pages will continue to operate as they currently do, which makes this an opt-in feature. The Uncleared page supports status-specific pages, e.g. Uncleared-Faculty.html. In the event that there is a status-specific version of the page without the general version, only users matching that status will be shown the landing page. E.g. there is an Uncleared-Faculty.html page but no Uncleared.html page. Uncleared faculty users will be shown their status-specific page, but uncleared undergraduates would be able to use the web pages as normal because there isn't a general version (Uncleared.html) nor a specific page for their status (Uncleared-Undergraduate.html).

An Uncleared.html page is not provided by default; sites must create this page want to use the feature. 


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