Merging Requests

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Note: Request processing functionality is currently only supported in the Aeon Desktop Client and cannot be performed from the Aeon Web Client.

Merging requests allows staff to consolidate multiple requests for the same citation into one request. Requests can only be merged for an individual user. Requests cannot be merged if one or more of the requests is associated with an external request. Attempts to merge external requests will prompt an error dialog.

Merging Requests

You merge requests from the request or search list in the Aeon Desktop Client using the Merge option on the Process ribbon.

  1. Locate the two requests to be merged together from either a transaction processing grid or search results.
  2. Press the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click each request that should be merged.
  3. Click the Merge button in the Process ribbon.
  4. Examine the requests to be merged displayed in the Merge Request Confirmation popup. If there is a problem, click the Cancel button.
  5. Choose a new transaction status for the merged transactions and click OK to merge the requests.
  6. The newly merged request appears.
  7. The requests that were merged will change to a status of Request Merged.

If there are differences in citation information between the requests, the request with the lowest transaction number will be used as the source of citation information for the new transaction that is created from the merge operation.

Merging Requests with a Photoduplication Workflow

Several things to keep in mind when merging requests that contain a photoduplication workflow:

  • The merge process allows merged requests to include a photoduplication status value only if all of the source requests have a photoduplication status. The initial photoduplication status of the merged request will be Awaiting Order Submittal.
  • If photoduplication has not been initialized on both requests being merged a warning prompt states that the photoduplication status will be lost.
  • If the resulting request is initialized for photoduplication the photoduplication status will be Awaiting Order Submittal and the merged request's status will be Order Merged.
  • Merged requests with a photoduplication workflow include the Format, Service Level, and Shipping Option field values only if each field value matches for each of the source requests.
  • Staff cannot perform a merge if one or more of the requests is an external request.

Merged History

You can see if a new request was created from merged requests by looking at the Links pane under the History tab of the Request form.


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