Researcher Tags in Aeon

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Researcher tags allow Researchers to tag individual requests with personal tags to allow them to better organize their requests.

To allow this feature, existing sites will need to make some changes to their Aeon web pages. See Aeon 3.8 Web Page Changes for instructions for enabling this feature if you implemented web pages prior to version Aeon 3.8.

Researcher's tags are not viewable in the Aeon client, and they cannot be shared with other researchers.

Adding Tags when Submitting a Request

A new field called "Researcher Tags" is available on request forms. This field allows researchers to specify a comma-separated list of tags that will be associated with the request. These tags can be edited from the request form and the request details form.

  1. Open the request form for the item type you want to order.
  2. In the field for Researcher Tags, enter any tags you want to add to the request. These tags should be comma-separated.
  3. Click Submit Request.
  4. These tags will now be associated with the request. 

Viewing Tags on the Aeon Web Pages

On the Main Menu, a tag cloud of the researcher tags will be shown. By default, these will display above the Outstanding Requests table, but they can be moved anywhere on the page. It will display the tag and the number of their requests that have that tag. Clicking on a tag will display a table of all requests with that tag.



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