Configuring the Aeon Web Platform

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The Aeon Web Platform requires the configuration of the WebPlatformConfig table and the SystemWebPlatformConfig key. When updating from an earlier version of Aeon, the Aeon installer will try to configure the Web Platform automatically. An entry will be made in the WebPlatformConfig table with a Base Webservice URL based on the WebURL customization key, and a description of "Aeon system API key." Additionally, the SystemWebPlatformConfig key will be filled in with the value of this new record. For new Aeon installations, the record will be created but it will need to be updated to point to the correct server.

In order for the Web Platform to work properly and to maintain security, you must have a valid SSL certificate and support HTTPS.

The Aeon Web Platform cannot be protected by remote auth filters. These will impede with the web traffic that needs to flow freely to and from the web platform.

WebPlatformConfig Table

First, complete the entry in the WebPlatformConfig table. This is found in the Aeon Customization Manager under System | Integration | WebPlatformConfig.

  1. Double-click to open the record in the table.
  2. If no entry exists, use the New Record button in the Home ribbon to create a blank record.
  3. Edit the record entry for the Aeon Web Platform by filling in the following values:

    ID This field is auto-generated.
    API Key Click on the API Key field, then click the ellipses at the end of the field. The API key will be generated and complete the field.
    Base Webservice URL This URL should point to your Aeon Web Platform.
    This will look like
    The base URL (https://your.Aeon.servername) should be the same value as found in the WebURL key.

    The URL must contain https and you must have an SSL certificate installed.
    Description Fill in a description that helps you identify that this entry points to the Aeon Web Platform.
  4. Click Save.

WebPlatformConfig Key

Verify the WebPlatformConfig Key value. This entry will be made in the Aeon Customization Manager under System | Integration | SystemWebPlatformConfig.

  1. Verify the Key Value. This value will be the ID number for the WebPlatformConfig table entry that identifies the Aeon Web Platform.
  2. Click Save.

Restart Services

The final step is to restart the IIS and Odyssey Manager services on the ILLiad server. Altas hosted sites will need to contact Atlas support for this restart. Locally hosted sites will need to ask their local server administrator to do this.


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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