Viewing Web Alerts and Alert RSS Feeds

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Web Alerts are by default displayed on the Aeon Main Menu (MainMenu.html) page for your users to see when they log into their Aeon account. Which users see an alert is determined by the type of alert that has been created in the client (System, Status or User). Users can also subscribe to receive RSS feeds of Alerts.

Viewing Web Alerts

Web Alerts are displayed on the right-hand side of the Main Menu (MainMenu.html) page.

User alerts are for the specific user only and can be deleted by the user.

System and Status alerts will remain visible until they reach the expiration date set in the client

If there are no current alerts for the user, the Web Alert space simply says No Alerts. This message can be edited.


Subscribing to Alerts Feeds

Users can opt to subscribe to RSS feeds and receive all new alerts as an RSS feed to their email or RSS reader.

To subscribe to alerts, the end-users will need to click on the Subscribe to Alerts Feed link. 


The Subscribe to Alerts Feeds link is displayed on the Main Menu page by default. You can choose to remove the link so that your users cannot subscribe to receive alerts in RSS feeds. See Configuring RSS Feed Links for Web Alerts and Notifications for more information.




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