Generating Invoices for Photoduplication Orders

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The following instructions include customer billing for photoduplication requests. If you do not bill for photoduplication requests, you can ignore these instructions.

  1. Once you have located the item using the callslip, confirm the estimated charges based on the actual number of pages in the request.
  2. Open the request from the In Item Retrieval or AwaitingOrder Processing queue and click the Billing tab to view the Billing form.
  3. Make any adjustments necessary to the Page Count or billing charges and save your changes.
  4. After verifying the billing estimate is correct, send the researcher an invoice of the charges associated with the request, and an email notifying them of the invoice delivery, if you like.
  5. Click the Generate Invoice button on the Billing form to update charges, create an invoice and instantly send the invoice to the Order Billing menu in the researcher's' web account.
    • The Generate Invoice button is only available when line items have been added to the billing estimate section.
  6. The request moves to the Awaiting Order Approval photoduplication queue.
  7. If you want to send an email to the patron notifying them the invoice is ready and awaiting their approval you can send the email or edit the email before sending.
  8. Click the Send E-mail button to send the email or click the bottom half of the Send E-Mail button to choose Edit E-Mail.
  9. When you click Edit E-mail the E-mail tab opens and you can edit the email. When you are ready to send the edited email, click the Send E-Mail icon on the E-Mail ribbon.
  10. The researcher receives the invoice, views the amount due for the request in the Order Billing menu on the web, and submits the approval from the Orders to Approve/Paytable.
  11. The request will then automatically queue to Awaiting Order Billing. At this point, staff waits for the researcher to make payment to the invoice before completing the request.
  12. Once you have generated the invoice you can print a copy for your records by clicking the Print Invoice icon on the Billing Ribbon. The invoice will save as a .xps document which you can then print.

A zero invoice takes place when line items are applied to an Order but the total for the line items applied is $0.00. This scenario is likely used when special collections staff want patrons to approve format, service level, and delivery method prior to completing photoduplication work. Order requests with a zero invoice will still move through the Awaiting Order Approval and Awaiting Order Billing Steps. This situation is different from exempt billing categories which can be applied to a particular user or activity. 


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