Processing Payments for Photoduplication Orders

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Payment for photoduplication can be made by credit card or other accepted means (cash, check, departmental voucher). Credit card payments can be made by the researcher through the web interface via the Order to Approve/Pay table. All other forms of payment (cash, check, etc.) must be made directly to staff and are credited manually on the Billing tab of the Request form. When full payment is received, requests at Awaiting Order Processing, Awaiting Order Approval, and Awaiting Order Billing are moved automatically to Awaiting Item Delivery. The transaction status of the item will need to be changed manually by staff when the actual item goes to scanning.

If a partial payment is received from the researcher, it does not affect the movement of the request through status queues. If a partial payment is made when the request is at Awaiting Request Processing or Awaiting Order Approval it will remain there until the request is paid in full. When paid in full, the request moves to Awaiting Item Delivery.

Processing Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments cannot be processed in the client. Researchers can pay via credit card using from their online web accounts. On the request's photoduplication Billing form the credit card payment and authorization will display in the Payments/Credits grid. Credit card payment information cannot be edited; you can only add or edit entries in the Payment Reference column of the grid. Credit card payments cannot be deleted: when credit card payments are selected in the grid, the Delete Selected Payments button is disabled. Invoices containing credit card transactions cannot be deleted, therefore, the Delete Invoice button is disabled.

Processing Non-Credit Card Payments

To process invoice payments other than credit card payments:

  1. To process an invoice payment other than a credit card, open the request from the Awaiting Order Billing queue and click the Billing tab to view invoice information.
  2. Apply the payment in the Payments/Credits section of the form and click the Return or Enter key on your keyboard.
  3. The amount paid shows in the Total Payments field at the bottom of the form. The Balance Remaining field tracks any balance due or, if paid in full, displays a $0.00 balance.
  4. Click the Save icon to save payment information. You will not be able to close the Request form until the payment has been saved.

Processing Payment Refunds

If you cancel a photoduplication request and issue a refund to a researcher, you can record the refund on the request's Billing form in the Payments/Credits section. Refunds are entered as negative numbers (-2.00). Note that while you can record a refund made to a credit card, you cannot reverse the charge or issue the credit through the Aeon client.


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