Adding Notes to Request Forms

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The Notes section of the Request form shows any notes that have been added by users, staff or lenders, or via ISO ILL, OCLC Alert, or LOCL Lending. Once a request has been created you can add and delete notes.

Adding a Note

  1. Open the request form that you want to add a note to.
  2. In the Notes section near the bottom of the form, double-click to open the Add Note form.
  3. Type your note in the text section, then click Add.
  4. The note will appear in the Notes section along with the date added, note type, and your ILLiad username.

You can add notes either by double-clicking in the Notes section or by right-clicking, then selecting Add Note.

Recent Notes

When adding a note, the Recent Notes dropdown appears. This dropdown will show the most recent notes you have used in the client and is helpful if you are frequently entering the same note in multiple requests.

To add a note from this dropdown, simply select the note you want to add and click Add like you would when writing notes.

Note Types

There are several types of notes that will display on the request form.

* Note types that you can add manually in the ILLiad client.


Staff notes are added in the ILLiad client by logged-in staff users. This
is the default note type when adding a note to a request form.

Sometimes a staff note is created automatically, like when cancelling or
conditionalizing a request.

System System notes are added automatically by ILLiad.
User User notes are added by patrons on the ILLiad web pages from the Notes
field on a request form.

Lender notes are automatically added to a request by the Connection Manager in two cases:

  • If the OCLC Request contains Lending Notes, a Lender note containing the information in that field will be added to the ILLiad request when the item is marked found by the lending library and updated with an OCLC Status of SHIPPED.
  • A Lender note will be added to the ILLiad request with the Article Exchange URL/password information when an article is sent via Article Exchange from the lending library and updated with an OCLC Status of SHIPPED.

Additionally, staff can add a Lender note in the Note section of the Electronic Delivery Scanning form that will be sent along with the request and will be viewable for the borrowing library in the request's Note section.

If staff manually add a Lender note to a request at any other point in the lending process, the borrowing library will not receive that note. The only other time a borrowing library will receive a note that was manually added by the lending library is when a request is conditionalized and contains a note with the type “Staff.”
Odyssey Odyssey notes are added by the Odyssey Manager.



ISO notes are added by the ILLiad ISO Manager.

ISO-REQ notes can be added by staff so that the ISO message will be
updated the next time the ISO Manager sends an update for a request.

Previously there was an additional NoteType of ALERT, but since OCLC has standardized the Alert field to be specifically for AE Alerts, that functionality has been removed but there may be some old instances showing in the Notes table.

Notes on ILLiad Web Pages

By default, all notes except for Lender and System notes appear on the ILLiad web pages and are visible to patrons. This can be changed by using the WebTNNotesFilter key in the ILLiad Customization Manager.

See Changing Note Types that Display on Web Pages for instructions on this change.


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