ILLiad Downloads

Please consider running updates and installations during standard support hours 8 am - 5 pm eastern time (business days Monday - Friday)  so that help is readily available if any issues are encountered. 

Client Installer

For your convenience, below are the locally installed ILLiad downloadable files for each version of ILLiad. This includes the ILLiad Client, Customization Manager, Staff Manager, and others.

All other ILLiad components are installed/updated on the ILLiad web server.

Note that you cannot install a new version of the ILLiad client until your ILLiad server has been updated to that version.

The Client Installer will install the ILLiad Client, Electronic Delivery Utility, Customization Manager, Billing Manager, and Staff Manager.

If you are on any previous major versions of the ILLiad Client (e.g., 8.7) and want to update to ILLiad 9.0.3, please use the 9.0.1 client installer first, then update to 9.0.3. You can only perform minor updates (e.g., 9.0.3) from the latest major update (e.g., 9.0.1).

9.0                                                   9.0.3 Download  9.0.1 Download  

  8.7                                                     8.7.3 Download  8.7.2 Download  8.7.0 Download  

8.6                                                   8.6.4 Download  8.6.0 Download  

ILLiad Default Web Pages

See ILLiad Default Web Pages for more information. For a copy of the most up-to-date Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), see About ILLiad- Including Frequently Requested Documentation (e.g., VPAT).

9.0 Download
8.7 Download
8.6 Download

Default Print Templates

See ILLiad Default Print Templates for more information.

9.0 Download
8.7 Download
8.6 Download

ILLiad Billing Manager & Reports

See ILLiad Billing Manager for more information.

9.0 Download
8.7 Download
8.6 Download

ILLiad Database Manager

See The ILLiad Database Manager for more information.

9.0 Download
8.7 Download
8.6 Download

 ILLiad DOCLINE LUA Scripts 

See DOCLINE Configuration for more information. DOCLINE scripts will now be named by their own versioning instead of the versioning of the Client. This is because DOCLINE releases occur separately on an as-needed basis. There is only one version of the DOCLINE Scripts available for download since all the previous scripts work for the old DOCLINE website which NLM no longer supports.

DOCLINE Script             

For users on the current version of ILLiad (v9.0.3 & 8.7.3). Includes several stability fixes related to the DOCLINE support and integration. 

  • Fixed compatibility issue between DOCLINE scripts and specific versions of .NET 4.8 and the 1903 Windows update.

  • Fixed a compatibility issue where a DOCLINE script error was causing a blank Account Type box to appear on the DOCLINE Importing tab. Bug# 4111

  • The default Primary DeliveryMethod will no longer be auto-populated. Instead, it will allow DOCLINE to populate its own configuration if using the default FieldTranslation.xml file. Bug# 4025

  • Fixed issue where ILLiad drops "x" value at the end of ISSN when importing from DOCLINE. Bug# 4027

  • Fixed issue where Patron Name is not properly imported into the DOCLINE request form if available with the imported DOCLINE information. Bug# 4263


Atlas Auth Portal  

See Using an Authentication Portal Landing Page for more information.

Auth-Portal                                    Download

Patron Requests Service

See Patron Request Service for more information.

This is only for sites using OCLC Navigator

Patron Request Service         Download

3 of 9 Barcode Font 

This font is only to be used by those with a valid ILLiad product license.
Can be used on 
ILLiad Print Templates.

3 of 9 Font                                       Download


If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please contact Support.

OCLC Support


Atlas Support


If you are an OCLC ILLiad Licensee, contact OCLC Customer Support:

If you are an Original ILLiad Licensee, contact Atlas Systems:




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