Removing Lending Billing Charges

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If you need to remove an OCLC requested item with applied billing charges from the Shipped status, you can remove those charges when you undo the shipped message. The Undo Shipped button on the OCLC and ILLiad request forms prompts you to remove associated billing charges that have not yet been invoiced. Selecting Yes removes charges.  

All entries from the Billing and Billings Defaults tables are removed from the transaction after the OCLC status has been updated and an entry is created in the History table to record the removal of billing charges. Remember that billing charges cannot be removed from a transaction if an invoice has already been created (in other words, no InvoiceNumber value exists for the transaction).

Undo Shipped is not allowed when there are IFM billing charges associated with the request. Any refunds of IFM payments must be handled through OCLC directly.


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