Deleting Generated Invoice Batches

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You may from time to time make a mistake with invoice generation and need to "undo" this process. An example of this might include entering the wrong date range and accidentally hitting the Generate Invoices button. In the case of a just-generated invoice batch, there is a Delete button on the Previous Invoices tab that allows you to "un-generate" that specific invoice batch. This button is available ONLY if the invoice batch was just generated, if no changes have been made to individual invoices in the batch after generation, and if no payments have been entered for any invoices in the batch.

This Delete button will delete the entire invoice batch, which can then be generated again (as you did before) when you are ready to do so, or when the date range has been correctly entered. The Delete button should only be used if the invoice batch has been generated by mistake, or if the date range for which the invoices were generated was entered in error.

To Delete an invoice batch, simply click the Delete button to the right of the invoice batch information on the Previous Invoices tab. You will be prompted to verify your intent to delete all of the invoices generated in the chosen batch. If this is indeed your intent, click Yes. If not, click No. 

While deleting an existing invoice batch is a permanent action, you may again generate invoices for the same date range. This is simply a means for correcting any mistakes made in the invoice generation process. It does not prevent you from generating new invoices for the affected transactions.

In the Billing Manager, both beginning and end date values of a date range are inclusive. For example, billing for the month of May would be for 5/1/2014 - 5/31/2014.


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