Tracking Payment of Lending Invoices

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If you bill for Lending, there are basically three ways to request payment:

  1. Invoices
  2. IFM (Interlibrary Loan Fee Management)
  3. Docline EFTS (Electronic Funds Management System)

You will only need to track invoice payment information for the invoices generated locally through your institution's ILLiad system. IFM and Docline EFTS payment tracking will be handled by these services.

Billing and Tracking Payment with the ILLiad Billing Manager

If you are billing for Lending in ILLiad, regardless of whether you do so via generated invoices, IFM, or Docline EFTS, all invoice generation, payment tracking, and any other billing functions related to invoice generation and/or payments should be conducted using the ILLiad Billing Manager.

If you have not yet gone live with the Billing Manager, you can continue to use legacy in-client billing for your per item billing while using the Billing Manager in Test Mode.

Tracking Payment for IFM and Docline EFTS

Tracking of payments for items invoiced by either IFM or Docline EFTS will be handled for you by these services.

You are not required to do anything in ILLiad to accomplish this once the invoice information is sent to each service.



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