Text Notification Templates

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In order to send text messages to your patrons, you must have SMS templates set up for each notification (similar to email templates). These templates can be found in the ILLiad Customization Manager under the Notification Templates tab.

For an SMS/Text notification to be generated and sent:

  1. An SMS template with text in it must exist
  2. The user must have a number in the Mobile Phone field
  3. Notification preferences for the user must be enabled for SMS
  4. In the ILLiad Customization Manager, click Notification Templates.
  5. Click Edit and select the notification you want.
  6. Click the SMS tab. The existing SMS/text template will display.
  7. Make any necessary changes and click Save.

You can add a MaxSize attribute that will truncate or shorten the value to a specific size.

For example, if the Loan Title is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the email template tag is <#Transaction.LoanTitle MaxSize="10"> this would display in the message as Harry Pott

Default Templates 

SMS/text Templates exist by default for the following notifications:

  • Auto Cleared User
  • Borrowing Cancellation Article
  • Borrowing Cancellation Loan
  • Borrowing Electronic Delivery
  • Borrowing Overdue 1
  • Borrowing Overdue 2
  • Borrowing Overdue 3
  • Borrowing Overdue Reminder
  • Borrowing Password Reset
  • Cleared User
  • Disavowed User
  • Doc Del Cancellation Article
  • Doc Del Cancellation Loan
  • Doc Del Electronic Delivery
  • ILL Borrowing Article Delivery
  • ILL Borrowing Article Pickup
  • ILL Borrowing Loan Delivery
  • ILL Borrowing Loan Pickup
  • ILL Doc Del Article Delivery
  • ILL Doc Del Article Pickup
  • ILL Doc Del Loan Delivery
  • ILL Doc Del Loan Pickup
  • Merged User

Note: SMS/text notifications will not be generated for Lending transactions even if a text is entered into the template.


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