Tracking Payment of Lending Institution-Generated Invoices

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From the Search ribbon on the Main Page, search for the item to which you wish to attach the invoice payment information. Select the record, by double-clicking on it, to bring up the Request Form. Use the information on the Request Form to verify that the invoice is from the institution that you have marked in ILLiad as supplying the piece.

Add Invoice Information

  1. Click the Invoice tab on the Request Form, to view the Invoice information.
  2. If there is already Invoice information on the form, you have already paid the invoice for this transaction.
  3. If there is not information on the form, add the Invoice information to the request.
  4. Invoice information on the Request Form requires either an invoice number or an item amount. When you have added the information to the form, click the Save icon at the top of the form to attach the costs to the record.
  5. Illiad now has a record of the payment. Pay the invoice as you would normally.
  6. The Entry Date for invoices received from lending libraries is entered by staff and is not overwritten/updated by saving changes on the Request Form.


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