Default Web Pages (v9.0)

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The ILLiad default web pages are standard HTML files with a DLL serving them from the ILLiad server. These pages can be fully customized to match your site using standard HTML and CSS. The default HTML web pages are stored under the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad folder on your ILLiad server.

General Pages

  • ILLiadMainMenu.html: The Main Menu page contains the Outstanding Requests table. It is accessible by clicking Main Menu (include_menu.html).
  • AboutILLiad.html: Displays a descriptive paragraph about the ILLiad software. It is accessed from the About ILLiad link on the menu (include_menu.html).
  • FAQ.html: This page contains answers to questions about ILLiad and is accessed from the First Time Users page (FirstTime.html).
  • FirstTime.html: This page is accessed by clicking the First Time Users link on the Logon pages (Logon.html and Logon2.html). It outlines the ILLiad registration process and contains the links to New User Registration (NewUserRegistration.html) and the Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ.html).
  • Error.html: This page contains a STATUS line that displays the error message generated when a logon is entered incorrectly, the required information is not completed on a form, or a page cannot be found. 

Request Forms

  • LoanRequest.html
  • ArticleRequest.html
  • BookChapterRequest.html
  • ThesisRequest.html
  • ConferencePaperRequest.html
  • PatentRequest.html
  • StandardsDocumentRequest.html
  • ReportRequest.html
  • NLMDDSRequest.html
  • GenericRequestTesting.html
  • EditLoanRequest.html
  • EditArticleRequest.html
  • EditBookChapterRequest.html
  • EditThesisRequest.html
  • EditConferencePaperRequest.html
  • EditOtherRequest.html
  • EditPatentRequest.html
  • EditStandardsDocumentRequest.html
  • EditReportRequest.html
  • EditGenericRequestTesting.html
  • MediaRequest.html

User/Account Forms

  • Logon.html: User enter their Username and Password here to access their ILLiad account.
  • Logon2.html: The logon page that displays when a user types incorrect information. Logon2.html can be used with OpenURL.
  • Blocked.html: Notifies blocked users attempting to log into ILLiad to contact their ILL office.
  • DisavowedUsername.html: Notifies disavowed users attempting to log into ILLiad to contact their Interlibrary Loan office.
  • ChangePassword.html: Users change login password here. It is accessed from the Change Password link in the Tools section of the side menu (include_menu.html).
  • ForgotPassword.html: Users can reset their password from this page, accessible from the Logon page (Logon.html).
  • NewPassword.html: This page shows if the user forgets their login password and allows them to reset their password.
  • ChangeUserInformation.html: Users change personal information here. It is accessed from the Change User Information link in the Tools section of the side menu (include_menu.html).
  • EditAccountInformation.html
  • NewAuthRegistration.html: This page is a version of NewUserRegistration. It is used if you are using UserValidation to authenticate. It takes them to this page, if it exists, to confirm their registration information. If the page doesn't exist, users are taken to the ChangeUserInformation page. This allows you to show different options on the initial page.
  • NewUserRegistration.html: This is the page new users access to register for an ILLiad web account. It is accessed from the FirstTime.html page.

Include Pages

Web pages starting with "include" are used as menus and other elements on other web pages to simplify the editing of those pages.

  • include_footer.html: Contains hardcoded ILLiad copyright information and appears in all request pages as well as ILLiadMainMenu.html and Logon2.html. Copyright on Logon.html is not hardcoded.
  • include_head.html
  • include_header.html: Contains the ILLiad logo, STATUS line, and a search box.
  • include_header_request.html: Contains the ILLiad logo and a search box.
  • include_menu.html: Contains the side menu visible on the Main Menu page (ILLiadMainMenu.html) and all request pages.
  • include_request_buttons.html: Contains the default buttons found on the request pages: Submit Request, Clear Form, and Cancel - Return to Main Menu.
  • include_request_cited.html

Detail/View Pages

  • DetailedInformation.html: Displayed when linked from the ViewOutstandingRequests table (MainMenu.html and ViewOutstandingRequests.html). Click Outstanding Requests and then click a transaction number to view the form.
  • ViewDefaultDetailed.html: Displayed when linked from the ViewAllRequests table (ViewAllRequests.html), ViewSearchResults table (ViewSearchResults.html), ElectronicDelivery table (ViewElectronicDelivery.html and ViewElectronicDeliveryUndelete.html), and NotificationInformation table (ViewNotificationsDetail.html). To view the form, click a transaction number after clicking All Requests or Notifications. It also displays when clicking on a transaction number from search results.
  • ViewDetailedInformation.html: Displayed when linked from the ViewRequestHistory table (ViewRequestHistory.html). Click Request History and then click a transaction number to view the form.
  • ViewNotificationsDetail.html
  • ViewRenewCheckedOutDetailedInformation.html
  • ViewResubmitDetailedInformation.html
  • ViewAllRequests.html: This page contains the table All Requests. It is accessible by clicking All Requests in the View section of the side menu (include_menu.html).
  • ViewNotifications.html
  • ViewOutstandingRequests.html: This page contains the table titled Outstanding Requests. It is accessible by clicking Outstanding Requests in the View section of the side menu (include_menu.html).
  • ViewResubmitCancelledRequests.html
  • ViewRenewCheckedOutItems.html
  • ViewRequestHistory.html: This page contains the table titled Request History. It is accessible by clicking Request History in the View section of the side menu (include_menu.html).
  • ViewSearchResults.html: (A dll form) This page contains the table titled Search Results. It is accessible by using the Search box in the ILLiad header.
  • ElectronicDeliveryInformation.html
  • ElectronicDelivery.html
  • ElectronicDeliveryUndelete.html

Form Numbers 

Tip: You can use the form numbers below to easily navigate to a web page for viewing and testing purposes. Just plug in the relevant form number at the end of your ILLiad server URL:

  • https://yourILLiadServerURL/illiad/illiad.dll?Action=10&Form=[FormNumber]
  • For example, https://yourILLiadServerURL/illiad/illiad.dll?Action=10&Form=1 will take you to the AboutILLiad.html page.
1 AboutILLiad.html
10 ILLiadMainMenu.html
12 FAQ.html
21 LoanRequest.html
22 ArticleRequest.html
23 BookChapterRequest.html
24 ConferencePaperRequest.html
25 PatentRequest.html
26 ReportRequest.html
27 ThesisRequest.html
28 StandardsDocumentRequest.html
29 MediaRequest.html
60 ViewAllRequests.html
62 ViewOutstandingRequests.html
63 DetailedInformation.html
64 ElectronicDelivery.html
66 ViewRenewCheckedOutItems.html
68 ViewRequestHistory.html
69 ViewDetailedInformation.html
70 ViewResubmitCancelledRequests.html
71 ResubmitRequest.html
72 ViewDefaultDetailed.html
73 ViewNotifications.html
79 FirstTime.html
80 NewUserRegistration.html
81 ChangeUserInformation.html
82 EditAccountInformation.html
83 ChangePassword.html
84 ForgotPassword.html


This form cannot be directly accessed by inserting the form number into the URL. Please test it by first using the Forgot Password form and following the email link to reset the password.
86 NewAuthRegistration.html


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