Moving Email Templates to the ILLiad Customization Manager

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Changing default email template names will result in failed emails.

Email Names Reference Chart

Old .txt Name Old 8.5 Template Name New 8.6 Template Name
n/a ArticleExchangeLendingNotification Article Exchange Lending Delivery
autoclearcust.txt AutoClearedCustomer Auto Cleared User
overdue1.txt BorrowingOverdue1 Borrowing Overdue 1
overdue2.txt BorrowingOverdue2 Borrowing Overdue 2
overdue3.txt BorrowingOverdue3 Borrowing Overdue 3
n/a BorrowingOverdueReminder Borrowing Overdue Reminder
passwordreset.txt BorrowingPasswordReset Borrowing Password Reset
cancel.txt Cancellation Borrowing Cancellation
clearcus.txt ClearedCustomer Cleared User
disavow.txt DisavowedCustomer Disavowed User
cancel.txt DocDelCancellation Doc Del Cancellation
elecdel.txt ElectronicDelivery Borrowing Electronic Delivery
elecdel.txt DocDel Doc Del Electronic Delivery
illartdel.txt ILLArticleDeliveryNotify ILL Borrowing Article Delivery
illart.txt ILLArticleNotify ILL Borrowing Article Pickup
illddartdel.txt ILLDDArticleDeliveryNotify ILL Doc Del Article Delivery
illddart.txt ILLDDArticleNotify ILL Doc Del Article Pickup
illddloandel.txt ILLDDLoanDeliveryNotify ILL Doc Del Loan Delivery
illlddloan.txt ILLDDLoanNotify ILL Doc Del Loan Pickup
illloandel.txt ILLLoanDeliveryNotify ILL Borrowing Loan Delivery
illloan.txt ILLLoanNotify ILL Borrowing Loan Pickup
lendingcancel.txt LendingCancellation Lending Cancellation
lendingoverdue1.txt LendingOverdue1 Lending Overdue 1
lendingoverdue2.txt LendingOverdue2 Lending Overdue 2
lendingoverdue3.txt LendingOverdue3 Lending Overdue 3
n/a LendingOverdueReminder Lending Overdue Reminder
lendpasswordreset.txt LendingPasswordReset Lending Password Reset
mergecus.txt MergedCustomer Merged User






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