ILLiad Default Print Templates

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The following tables list the print processes for each module, the Word template/s used for the process, the customization key associated with the Word template, and the data file used.

The PrintDocumentsPath customization key determines where your print templates are stored. This can be a local path (the same for all workstations) or a shared path. If blank, ILLiad will default to using the Print folder where the ILLiadClient.exe is stored.

The Excel (xlsx) data files are created automatically when printing. These files are stored by default in the logged in user's My Documents folder under Documents\ILLiad\Print\.

Borrowing Templates

  Template File Data File
Borrowing Receives BorrowingArticleLabels.doc Article.xlsx
BorrowingArticleSlips.doc Article.xlsx
BorrowingLoanLabels.doc Loan.xlsx
BorrowingLoanSlips.doc Loan.xlsx
Borrowing Returns BorrowingReturnAddressLabels.doc ReturnsL.xlsx
BorrowingReturnSlips.doc Returns.xlsx
Borrowing Overdues

BorrowingOverdueLetter1.doc BOver1.xlsx
BorrowingOverdueLetter2.doc BOver2.xlsx
BorrowingOverdueLetter3.doc BOver3.xlsx
BorrowingOverdueReminderLetter.doc BOverReminder.xlsx
ALA Requests BorrowingALARequests.doc Ala.xlsx
Borrowing Invoice BorrowingBillingManagerInvoice.doc InvoicesBorrowing.xls
Print Cancellation *BorrowingPrintCancellation.doc BCancel.xlsx
Print User Record PrintUser.doc PrintUser.xlsx
Print Request PrintRequest.doc PrintRequest.xlsx
Print Multiple Requests **BorrowingPrintRequest.doc Printed.xlsx
Notification Letter BorrowingNotify.doc BorrowingNotifications.xlsx

*This document is not included with the default ILLiad templates but can be created manually.

**This default template must be opened and merged manually when batch printing.

Customization Keys

  • BorrowingPrintReceivesDocsArticle = BorrowingArticleLabels.doc, BorrowingArticleSlips.doc
  • BorrowingPrintReceivesDocsLoan = BorrowingLoanLabels.doc, BorrowingLoanSlips.doc
  • BorrowingPrintReturnsDocsArticle = BorrowingReturnAddressLabels.doc, 
  • BorrowingPrintReturnsDocsLoan = BorrowingReturnAddressLabels.doc, 
  • BorrowingPrintALADocsLoan = BorrowingALARequests.doc
  • BorrowingPrintALADocsArticle = BorrowingALARequests.doc
  • BorrowingOverdue1Docs = BorrowingOverdueLetter1.doc
  • BorrowingOverdue2Docs = BorrowingOverdueLetter2.doc
  • BorrowingOverdue3Docs = BorrowingOverdueLetter3.doc
  • BorrowingOverdueReminderDocs = BorrowingOverdueReminderLetter.doc
  • BillingMonthlyInvoiceBorrowing = BorrowingBillingManagerInvoice.doc
  • PrintUserTemplate = PrintUser.doc
  • PrintRequestTemplateBorrowing = PrintRequest.doc, BorrowingPrintRequest.doc

Document Delivery Templates

  Template File Data File
Doc Del Stacks Printing DocDelArticleSlips.doc DocDelP.xlsx
  DocDelLoanLabels.doc DocDelL.xlsx
Doc Del Mailing Labels DocDelArticleMailingLabels.doc DocDelP.xlsx
  DocDelLoanMailingLabels.doc DocDelL.xlsx
Print Request PrintRequest.doc PrintRequest.xlsx
Client Invoice DocDelBill.xlsx
Billing Manager Invoice DocDelBillingManagerInvoice.doc InvoicesDocDel.xls

Customization Keys

  • DocDelPullSlipDocsArticle = DocDelArticleSlips.doc, *DocDelArticleMailingLabels.doc
  • DocDelPullSlipDocsLoan = DocDelLoanLabels.doc, *DocDelLoanMailingLabels.doc
  • BillingMonthlyInvoiceDocDel = DocDelBillingManagerInvoice.doc
  • PrintRequestTemplateDocDel = PrintRequest.doc

Lending Templates

  Template File Data File
Lending Stacks Printing LendingArticleSlips.doc StacksP.xlsx
  LendingLoanSlips.doc StacksL.xlsx
  LendingLoanLabels.doc StacksL.xlsx
Lending Shipping Labels LendingArticleShippingLabels.doc ShpStkP.xlsx
  LendingLoanShippingLabels.doc ShpStkL.xlsx
Lending Overdues LendingOverdueLetter1.doc LOver1.xlsx
  LendingOverdueLetter2.doc LOver2.xlsx
  LendingOverdueLetter3.doc LOver3.xlsx
  LendingOverdueReminderLetter.doc LOverReminder.xlsx
Billing Manager Invoice LendingBillingManagerInvoice.doc InvoicesLending.xls
Client Invoice LendingInvoice.doc LendBill.xlsx
Print Address Record PrintAddress.doc PrintAddress.xlsx
Print Request PrintRequest.doc PrintRequest.xlsx
Print Multiple Requests *LendingPrintRequest.doc LPrinted.xlsx

*This default template must be opened and merged manually when batch printing

**You can combine article and loan records to print on one document rather than separate documents. To do so, specify the template you want to use and link it with this general data file.

Customization Keys

  • LendingStacksDocsArticle = LendingArticleSlips.doc
  • LendingStacksDocsLoan = LendingLoanSlips.doc, LendingLoanLabels.doc
  • LendingSecondaryDocsArticle = LendingArticleSlips.doc
  • LendingSecondaryDocsLoan = LendingLoanSlips.doc, LendingLoanLabels.doc
  • LendingShippingDocsArticle = LendingArticleShippingLabels.doc
  • LendingShippingDocsLoan = LendingLoanShippingLabels. doc
  • LendingOverdue1Docs = LendingOverdueLetter1.doc
  • LendingOverdue2Docs = LendingOverdueLetter2.doc
  • LendingOverdue3Docs = LendingOverdueLetter3.doc
  • LendingOverdueReminderDocs = LendingOverdueReminderLetter.doc
  • BillingMonthlyInvoiceLending = LendingBillingManagerInvoice.doc
  • PrintLenderAddressTemplate = PrintAddress.doc
  • PrintRequestTemplateLending = PrintRequest.doc, **LendingPrintRequest.doc

When printing Lending or Document Delivery Invoices, the current queue or status of the transaction does not matter as long as the transaction has been marked as found and the billing charges have been applied. Invoices may be generated at any point in the process after that. There are two ways to generate invoices:

  • Item by Item: Invoices are printed after the requested item has been marked as found (at the same time as the Address Labels).
  • By Time Period & Lender Symbol (Bulk): Invoices are generated and printed at any time after the item has been sent to the requesting institution.

If Billing for Document Delivery or Lending is turned on for your institution, your method of invoicing may be set to one or the other using the ILLiad Customization Manager.



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