Editing Print Templates

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You can change the layout, font, textual content and imported information (the merge fields) on each form, label or slip that ILLiad generates. A few things to remember about editing:

  1. Word documents must be edited within Word from the location of your Word files. The default location is c:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Print\ but you can also store your files on a server or elsewhere.
  2. You should always make a backup of your original document before you begin any edits, just in case you need to resort back to the original.
  3. If you are editing a template with more than one slip on a page, you will need to make edits to each slip. Be careful not to delete the Next Record field.
  4. Once you have edited your document, preview your changes to make sure it looks correct.
  5. After you have edited and saved the document you may want to make it read-only to prevent someone from making accidental changes. 
  6. You will not be able to open a Word document for editing until it has been associated with an xls file. You will need to print the document in the client to establish the original association.

Editing Locally or on a Server

You cannot save edits made to Word templates from within the ILLiad Client because the document is read-only to protect from unwanted changes. Permanent changes to your Word templates, including any changes to the association with an xls file, should be done within Word. Never make or save changes to the Form Letter document. Most ILLiad servers are set up so that the ILLiad documents are read-only from anywhere other than the server itself. In order to modify one of the documents, you must first be granted permission to do so. You will need to contact your ILLiad server administrator to do this. Documents edited or changed on a local drive must be changed for all workstations.


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