Hidden Field Codes

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There is also hidden code in each label that allows ILLiad to change what is displayed based on information in the record. To see the hidden field codes toggle the codes off and on using Alt F9 on your keyboard. You can toggle individual fields by placing your cursor on the field code, right-clicking and selecting Toggle Field Codes. The field codes hide the Word Fields that allow the system to change the label based on the information in the record. For example, the LendingArticleSlips form checks the OdysseyIP field in the database to see if the value is blank or not blank and adds a note to the slip depending upon that value.

Adding If/Then Statements

  1. To add an If/Then statement choose Rules from the Mailings menu.
  2. From that menu choose If...Then... Else.
  3. When the screen appears to fill out the fields appropriately.
  4. Click OK to add the if statement to the document.
  5. (If you cannot see the text, right click at the cursor and choose Toggle Field Codes.)
  6. The example to the right adds a note saying "Odyssey Enabled" to the Lending Article Pull Slip if the OdysseyIP field is not blank.
  7. If the field is blank, the note will say, "We send our documents electronically using Odyssey..."


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