Batch Printing

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You can batch print many types of documents in ILLiad such as shipping labels, pull slips, and request forms. The batch print process will automatically open the appropriate template and merge it with your data.

Batch Printing from a Queue

You can print all requests in a queue or you can select specific requests to print.

  1. Open a processing queue in the ILLiad client.
  2. To print all requests, select at least one request in the list and click the bottom half of the Print Button. Select Print all Requests. Data from the requests will be added to the appropriate .xlsx data file.
  3. To print only specific requests, select the requests you want to print from the list. Click the bottom half of the Print button and choose Print Selected Requests. Data from the requests will be added to the appropriate .xlsx data file.
  4. To print the requests, manually open the print template for the print process you want. The data from the requests will be merged into the template. For step-by-step instructions on merging templates, see the Merging Print Templates section below.
  5. Print the template as you would any other Word document.

Adding Individual Requests to the Print Queue

You can also add individual requests to the batch printing queue from a request form.

  1. Open the form you want to add to the print queue.
  2. Click on the Printing ribbon.
  3. Click Add to Print Queue. Data from the request will be added to the appropriate .xlsx data file.

Merging Print Templates

  1. Open the print template. Default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Print\.
  2. On the Mailings tab, click the Finish & Merge button, then select Edit Individual Documents.

  3. Review print templates for accuracy.
  4. Click Finish & Merge, then Print Documents.
  5. The merged document will open in a separate word file. Click File and Save.

Clearing the Print Queue

Before performing another batch printing job, you will need to clear the previous job.

  1. To clear the print queue from a processing queue first, open the queue. Select at least one request from the list, then click on the bottom half of the Print button. Choose Clear Print Queue from the list. A popup will appear with information on the specific data files cleared from the print queue.
  2. To clear the print queue from a request form first, open a request form. Click on the Printing tab, then click Print and Empty Queue. This will move all of the previous requests that were printed and add this specific request to the print queue.


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