How to edit an ILLiad print template

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Product ILLiad
Version 9.1
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How can I edit an ILLiad print template?


We have some documentation here: 
But it doesn't cover much about how to do the MS Word part.

Check your PrintDocumentsPath customization key. If it is blank, then the templates are in everyone's c:\program files (x86)\ILLiad\Print folder. Otherwise they live where this customization key is pointing.

To edit a print template you must already have an xlsx datasource to point the template to. It has to be the one that matches up to that template. This page of the documentation shows which xlsx files match to which print templates. 

If you don't have the xlsx file yet, you can get it from someone who has printed that template recently, or you can try printing that particular job on your workstation. These datasource files live in the Documents\ILLiad\Print folder.

Make a backup copy of the template you are going to edit. That way you can get back to that copy if you run into issues.

  • Open the Word template outside of ILLiad. 
  • Say NO to the popup box. 
  • Select some of the text in your template and right click and choose "Toggle Field Codes" so that you can see the style of the merge fields. If it is something like TableName_FieldName (e.g. Transactions_TransactionNumber) then you'll be using the PrintQueue. If it is not in this style and just something 10 characters or shorter (e.g. Transactio) then you'll be using the LegacyQueue. Make note of that since as soon as you do the next steps you'll have to choose the right one.
  • Open the Mailings ribbon at the top.
  • Click the Select Recipients button and choose "Use an Existing List..."
  • Now you'll see the popup box asking if you using the PrintQueue or LegacyQueue. Choose the appropriate one for your template.
  • Now you can make your edits. When you need to insert a mergefield, do not type it in, just use the Insert Merge Field button's dropdown up in the ribbon. The options in the dropdown are listed in the same order as the columns in the xlsx file.
  • Save your word document when you're ready, and then test it to make sure that it will be printing the way you need by clicking Finish & Merge > Edit Individual Documents in the ribbon, and then hit ok in the popup.


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