Importing Email Requests

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For this process to work properly, ILLiad must first be set up to import E-mail requests. See Configuring Email Importing.

ILLiad will check the E-mail account and download/import any requests in that mailbox. ILLiad tries to match on username to the ID/SSN field. If it doesn't match, it moves the request to Awaiting User Verification. From within the Awaiting User Verification queue, you can open the request and change the username. If the username does match, requests either go to Awaiting Copyright Clearance or Awaiting Request Processing.

Matching Requests to Users

  • Double-clicking a transaction under the  Awaiting User Verification status will bring up the transaction in the normal ILLiad Request form.
  • Examine the transaction information for information about the user, particularly under the User tab.
  • You should be able to see the downloaded request and any information contained on it under the Imported Request tab.
  • Once you have identified the requesting customer, return to the Main page and look up that user using the Search Users feature on the main ribbon.

If the Customer is a Registered ILLiad User

If the customer is a registered ILLiad user, copy his/her username, return to the Awaiting User Verification transaction Request page for that user, and replace the Unmatched username with the legitimate username.

The ONLY instance in which you are able to replace an existing username attached to a transaction from the ILLiad Client, is if BOTH of the following criteria are met:

  1. The transaction status is "Awaiting User Verification".
  2. The username is "Unmatched".

If either of these conditions is not met, you will not be able to replace the username.

Once the username has been replaced, click the Save icon and route the transaction to the next appropriate status using the Routing section of the ribbon.

This will usually be Awaiting Request Processing (Loans) or Awaiting Copyright Clearance (Articles). The transaction can then be processed as normal.

If the Customer is Not a Registered ILLiad User

If the customer is not a registered ILLiad user, he/she will need to register before you can proceed with processing the request. You have the following options:

  • Contact the Customer, explain the situation, and have him/her register with the system via the ILLiad web pages. Once the customer is registered, you can then proceed to match the transaction to the newly registered ILLiad username as described above.
  • Register via the ILLiad web pages for the customer and then contact the customer explaining that you have done this. Once the customer is registered, you can then proceed to match the transaction to the newly registered ILLiad username as described above.
  • Cancel the transaction and contact the customer if you are able.

If the Customer Cannot be Identified

If the customer cannot be identified with the information given, you will likely need to cancel the transaction.

As an optional feature, you can set up ILLiad to create new users when email is imported.

The Unmatched User

As the various types of ILL requests are imported into ILLiad, they are matched to registered ILLiad user accounts based on the username provided by the customer. If for any reason, ILLiad is unable to match the imported username information with a valid registered ILLiad User, the system assigns the transaction to the "Unmatched" user and routes the transaction to a status of Awaiting User Verification. These transactions must be matched with registered ILLiad users before they can be processed successfully as ILL requests.



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