Server Installation Options and Best Practices

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Server Installation Options

The server installation program will allow you to configure the Aeon server according to your wishes.

Location of SQL Database

The recommended location of the SQL database is: X:\Program Files\Aeon\Database where X is the drive of choice for installing Aeon.

It is also possible to install the SQL Database on an existing SQL server. If you decide to install Aeon this way, use whatever file structure is common on the SQL server.

Size of Hard Drives and Configuration

If you have several hard drives in the machine, we recommend installing Aeon on a separate drive from the OS.

Raid Options

Raiding your hard drives is a good practice on your Aeon server. All Atlas hosted servers use raided hard drives in order to increase data security.

Best Practices

Backing up the System

You should set up a backup of the entire system at least once daily. You should also set up several daily backups of the Aeon database during the day and make sure they are backed up to a different location than where the SQL database is located.


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