Creating Web Alerts

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Web Alerts allow you a centralized place to communicate your business hours, special activities or other timely and important information to your users. You can specify which users you want to receive the Alerts. Users can also subscribe to receive Alerts as RSS Feeds and download them to their RSS reader. To add or edit Web Alerts, access the Manage Web Alerts form by clicking the Web Alerts button under the Manage tab on the Home Page. This opens the Manage Web Alerts form, where you can create new Alerts and edit and delete existing Alerts from the Manage Web Alerts grid.

Creating a New Web Alert

  1. On the Manage Web Alerts form, click the New Alert tab.
  2. Enter the Alert information, completing the form fields above.
  3. Click the Create button.


The Type field refers to the intended recipient of the Web Alert. There
are three options for Type. Choosing the User and Status types cause a
second dropdown box to open to narrow your selection.

  • System sends the Alert to all registered users.
  • User sends the Alert to a specific user. The Username drop-down
    narrows your choice to a specific user.
  • Status sends the Alert to a group of users assigned to a specific
    status. The Status drop-down narrows your choice to a specific
Title The Title refers to the title of the Alert. Typically it is a short subject of
the Alert that is displayed on the Web Alert and is used to draw attention
to a specific message.
Message The Message is the detailed text of the Web Alert.
Active Date The date when the Web Alert will become viewable to the intended
Expiration Date The date when the Web Alert will no longer be viewable to the intended
recipient(s). The alert will be viewable from the active date through the
day prior to the expiration date. Default expiration date is 7 days after
the Active Date.

Deleting Web Alerts

  1. On the Manage Web Alerts form click on the Alert from the grid that you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Edit Alert tab.
  3. Click the Delete button.
  4. A confirmation prompt will display to ensure you wish to permanently delete the Alert. Click Yes.


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