Uploading and Delivering Photoduplication Order

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When payment is made in full, requests move automatically from Awaiting Order Approval or Awaiting Order Billing to Awaiting Item Delivery.

  1. When you are ready to copy or scan the material for the request you can manually change the transaction status from In Item Retrieval to In Photoduplication using the In Photoduplication next step button.
  2. Copy or scan the request according to the format type requested by the researcher and, if the item is electronic, upload it to the web server so that it is accessible on the researcher's account. Once processing is complete, you can manually change the photoduplication status to Item Delivered using the Item Delivered next step button. To send the researcher an email when you click Item Delivered, notifying them that the request has been completed and delivered. Use the Send Email and Edit Email toggle buttons to view/edit and send the email. These buttons retain the last setting performed by a user so may need to be toggled off or on. Moving a request to the Item Delivered queue moves it to the Delivered Items table in the researchers' web interface.
  3. The request remains in the Item Delivered queue until the researcher deletes the request from their Delivered Items menu or until it is electronically cleared or manually moved by staff. At that time it moves to the Order Finished queue.
  4. After copying or scanning is complete, you can return the material to the shelves. Move the item to the Awaiting Item Reshelving queue using the Reshelve Item next step button. Once the item has been reshelved, use the Item Reshelved button to send the request to Request Finished.

Delivering Electronically Deliverable File Formats

When you move a request to the Item Delivered queue, it is also moved automatically to the Delivered Items table in the researcher's web interface account. Once moved to the Delivered Items table, electronically uploaded items can be viewed by the researcher. The following file formats can be delivered electronically: PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and ZIP files. To process a digital file for electronic delivery, follow the steps below.

Upload within the Client

In order to use this feature, the Aeon Web Platform must be configured. See Configuring the Aeon Web Platform for more information.

Starting with Aeon 3.8, staff can upload a file for delivery to a Photoduplication request. An Upload Item button has been added to the Photoduplication group on the Request form. When a file is uploaded, a history entry will be added to the request.

This feature will only upload a file, and will not do any automatic processing to move the request to Item Delivered.

  1. Open the Photoduplication request.
  2. Click Upload Item.
  3. Select the file to upload from your computer and click OK.
  4. The file will be uploaded to your server and name it as the transaction number.

Using a Customized File Location

If you want to store your electronic files in a location other than the default location, you will need to change the value of your WebDeliveryPath key to reflect that location.

All file formats except TIFF and ZIP are opened directly from the View link in the web. The TIFF and ZIP files are downloadable file formats.

Uploading Other File Formats

Electronic delivery recognizes only the file formats referenced above. To deliver items requested as downloads in other formats, upload them manually to the C:\Program Files\Aeon\Web\pdf default or customized location and send a direct link to the researcher to access the item via email.


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