Printing Billing Invoices

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ILLiad uses Word document templates, and these templates use Excel (XLS) data files to pull data for the mail merge. The Word document templates are stored by default on the local client workstation at c:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Print\.The Word templates can also be stored on a server.

The xls files used for the Billing Manager invoices are created the first time you print an invoice and stored by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Print\. 

Unlike other print jobs, this storage location is not hardcoded and can be change with the BillingManagerPrintDataPath key in the Customization Manager (located under System | Billing).

You will need to establish an association with the new xls data source files before you can merge and print your invoices. This is explained below.

Associating a Word File with a Data Source 

The first time you print an invoice in the Billing Manager you will need to point your Word template at the appropriate xls data source file. Which data source you choose will be dependent upon which module you are using to print invoices. You will only need to perform this action once for each module.

To create the data association follow these steps:

  1. From the Billing Manager, click the Print button to open the invoice document.
  2. When the Microsoft Office Word pop up screen displays Opening this document will run the following SQL Command: SELECT * FROM .. click No. You are creating a new association with the xls file.
  3. Click the Mailings tab to view the mail merge commands there.
  4. Click Select Recipients | Use Existing List.
  5. On the Select Data Source screen, navigate to the location of your xls data source files. The default location for Billing Manager invoices is c:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Print\.
  6. Select the appropriate .xls form, and click Open.
  7. On the Select Table screen, click OK.
  8. Save the changes to the Word template.
  9. The Word template is now associated with the .xls form.

Remember that if your ILLiad documents are stored on a server you may need to contact your ILLiad server administrator to modify the documents.

Creating the Data File for Printing

To print invoices, go to the Previous Invoices tab if you have not already done so. Determine which invoice batch you wish to print. The most recent invoice batch will display at the top of the form by default. Click the Print button to the right of the chosen batch. This will create the .xls file for printing and automatically open the appropriate invoice document. The table below shows the .xls file generated for the invoice in each module.

By default, one of the following Word documents will open automatically once the data file has been created:


Document Opened by the Billing Manager

XLS Data Source File




Document Delivery






Which document opens will be based on the module of the Billing Manager you were in when the Print button was clicked. The invoice document that will be opened for each Billing Manager print process is set by default. To change the documents to be opened for this purpose, you may do so from the Customization Manager in the following locations:

  • Borrowing | Billing | BillingMonthlyInvoiceBorrowing
  • Doc Del | Billing | BillingMonthlyInvoiceDocDel
  • Lending | Billing | BillingMonthlyInvoiceLending

Merging and Printing the Documents

  1. Click the Finish and Merge button under the Mailings tab.
  2. If you do not want to review/edit the document, select Print Documents.
  3. On the Merge to Printer screen, select All to print all records, and click OK.
  4. The Print screen appears. Select the appropriate printer and click OK.
  5. The forms will print to the chosen printer.
  6. If you want to review or edit the document before printing, select Edit Individual Documents.
  7. On the Merge to New Document screen, select All and click OK.
  8. Both the Word template (e.g, BillingMonthlyInvoice.doc) and the associated .xls outsource document (Form Letters1) will open.
  9. Review and edit the document by making text changes, adding or removing merge fields, etc. FOR THIS PRINT JOB ONLY.
  10. Print the Form Letter document using the Print command or icon.

Closing the Print Documents

Once you have verified that all the print documents have printed successfully, close Microsoft Word without saving any of the documents and return to the ILLiad Client. Depending on the version of Microsoft Word that you are using, you may be prompted more than once to save the documents. The response to these prompts should always be no.

Note that this document uses MS Office Word 2007 as the basis for printing instructions. See MS Word Support for more details or if you are using a different version of Word.




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