Modifying and Recalculating Invoice Totals

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It is possible to alter the specific charges that make up an invoice after invoice generation. This would typically be done if the original application of charges was either incomplete or in error.

  1. To do this, you must first get to the invoice record for the invoice to be modified. You can do this by using the Search button in the top right corner of the Billing Manager form, or by using the View Button to view invoices contained in a specific invoice batch.
  2. However, you choose to perform your search, identify the invoice to be modified and navigate to the Invoice Details form.
  3. Click the Invoice Items tab at the bottom of the form to display the specific transactions that make up the invoice.
  4. Double-clicking on a particular transaction from this form will bring up the Update Billing Charges form for that transaction, which includes all of the individual charges that make up the transaction's total billing charge.
  5. Make changes to the charges as necessary using the dropdowns on the form to apply additional charges or by modifying existing information where possible.
  6. While the addition of an explanatory note is not required for this to work properly, doing so is typically a good idea for future reference.
  7. When you have completed this, use the Update button to apply your changes to the total Billing charge for that transaction.
  8. You will see a warning message that you are about to overwrite billing information for the chosen transaction. If this is not your intent, select No. To proceed with the change, click the Yes button.
  9. This will overwrite the prior charge information with the newly changed charges.

Once this process is complete, you will likely want to print a new copy of this invoice reflecting the changes. This can be done by clicking the Print Invoice button on the Invoice Details form.


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