Generating Billing Invoices

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To generate invoices, log on to the Billing Manager and choose the module for which you wish to generate invoices. If you are not already on the Non-Invoiced tab, select that tab at the top of the Billing Manager form.

Date Ranges

Specify the Date Range to be invoiced. For the Billing Manager, end date values are now inclusive; you no longer have to use the day after as the end date. This is different from what you are used to in the ILLiad client or in the reports, where the end date value is still a non-inclusive "stop date". In addition, it is not possible to generate invoices with the Billing Manager for the current day's date or for any date in the future. This is a safety feature to ensure that all transactions processed on a particular date are included and that nothing is skipped in the invoice generation process.

In the Billing Manager, both beginning and end date values of a date range are inclusive. For example, billing for the month of May would be for 5/1/2014 - 5/31/2014.

Invoice Generation

  1. Once you have specified and double-checked the date range for which invoices are to be generated, click the Generate Invoices button to begin the invoice generation process.
  2. You will see a Confirm Invoice Generation warning message indicating that Invoices are about to be generated for the specified date range. To proceed with generating invoices, click the Yes button. To abort the process, click the No button.
  3. Once you have acknowledged the warning message by clicking Yes, the Billing Manager will proceed with the invoice generation process. The status bar at the bottom left of the form will display the words "Generating invoices..." and the progress bar will indicate the percentage of invoices that have been generated.
  4. An Invoice Generation Complete message appears asking if you would like to switch to the Previous Invoices tab now.
  5. Clicking Yes will take you to the Previous Invoices tab, where you can view any already-generated invoices, including the ones just completed.
  6. Clicking No, will leave you on the Non-Invoiced tab.


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