Cloning Requests on the Web

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ILLiad patrons can clone their own requests on the ILLiad default web pages. They cannot clone items to another patron. Cloning on the web is done by clicking the Clone Request link on a request page. By default, this link will only display if the user has not exceeded their request limits.

  1. Log in to the ILLiad web pages.
  2. In the Outstanding Requests, click on the request to clone.
  3. Click Clone Request.
  4. Enter or edit any information on the request form.
  5. Click Submit Request.
  6. The request will now display in the Outstanding Requests list.

Removing the Cloning Option

If you do not want to give your patrons the option to clone requests, you will need to remove the options from the menu in the HTML. See Removing Cloning Functionality for complete instructions.


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