Removing Cloning Functionality

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Cloning is a built-in function of ILLiad and cannot be removed from the ILLiad client. However, if you want to remove the option for patrons to clone requests on the ILLiad web pages, you can easily do so.

Web Edits

In order to remove cloning functionality for patrons on the ILLiad web pages, you will need to edit a line of code on the following pages:

  • DetailedInformation.html
  • ViewDefaultDetailed.html
  • ViewDetailedInformation.html
  • ViewRenewCheckedOutDetailedInformation.html
  • ViewResubmitDetailedInformation.html

Note that the MENU tag options will appear on a page only if they are valid for the specific transaction status of the request being viewed.

  1. First, locate the MENU tag on the page you want to change. The tag will display like this:

    <#MENU name="transaction" separator="|">
  2. Add all the possible menu options to the MENU tag:

    <#MENU name="transaction" separator="|" item="Edit:Edit Request" item=
    "Cancel:Cancel Request" item="Renew:Renew Request" item="ViewPDF:View PDF" 
    item="DeletePDF:Delete PDF" item="Resubmit:Resubmit Request" item="Clone:
    Clone Request">
  3. Now that all of the options are specified, simply remove the "Clone Request" item. Your MENU tag would look like this:

    <#MENU name="transaction" separator="|" item="Edit:Edit Request" item=
    "Cancel:Cancel Request" item="Renew:Renew Request" item="ViewPDF:View PDF" 
    item="DeletePDF:Delete PDF" item="Resubmit:Resubmit Request">
  4. Patrons will no longer see the Clone Item link when on the ILLiad web pages.


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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