Re-Enabling Automatic Update Prompts in the Ares Client After the Server Update

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Product Ares
Version 5.0.9
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Due to an issue with the Ares Client automatic updater service, staff will not be automatically prompted to update to Ares Client v5.0.9 after running the Ares Server v5.0.9.2 update. These update prompts can be re-enabled by following the steps below to manually adjust the VersionClient key value in the Ares Customization Manager after running the v5.0.9.2 server update:

  1. Complete the Ares Server v5.0.9.2 update according to the update procedure detailed in the release notes
  2. Once the server update is complete, open the Ares Customization Manager
  3. Navigate to the Customization table located under System | General:

    Customization Table.png

  4. Locate and double-click on the entry for the VersionClient customization key to open the Edit Row screen:

    VersionClient Key.png

  5. Adjust the Value of the VersionClient key to

    VersionClient Value.png

  6. Click anywhere outside of the Value row to enable the Save button, then click Save:


  7. Verify that the value has been adjusted for the VersionClient key in the Customization table:

    Verify update.png

  8. The Ares Client will now prompt the staff user to update to v5.0.9 when the application is opened:

    Update Required.png


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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