Removing Deprecated DLL Files Installed by Ares Server Installers

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Product Ares
Version v5.0.8 and prior
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Note: These instructions are for self-hosted Ares sites.


Due to a known issue, the Ares Server Installer for versions 5.0.8 and prior will install outdated Windows DLL files msxml4.dll and msxml4r.dll to the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory. These files have been deprecated by Windows and should be removed after performing server installations/updates, provided that the most recent msxml6.dll and msxml6r.dll files are also present in the directory (recent versions of the Ares Server Installer will install both the msxml4.dll/msxml4r.dll and msxml6.dll/msxml6r.dll files by default). 

As of Ares v5.0.9, the Ares Server Installer will no longer install the outdated DLL files described above upon update. However, the updated server installer will not automatically remove these files if they were installed by a previous version of the Ares Server Installer and had not yet been manually removed. If these files are still present in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory, please remove these files manually following the process outlined below.


After using the Ares Server Installer to perform your server installation/update:

  1. Check the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory and confirm the msxml6.dll and msxml6r.dll files are present
  2. Locate and delete the deprecated msxml4.dll and msxml4r.dll files from this directory

    Note: Depending on your server configuration and permissions, these files may need to be unregistered using the Windows Command Prompt before they can be deleted. You may also consider zipping these files to test their removal before deleting them from your server. Please consult with your institution's IT department on the best practices for removing these files. 
  3. Repeat each time you run the Ares Server Installer to update/install the Ares Server


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