Ares 5.0 Server Installer Database Configuration

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Product Ares
Version 5.0.x
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This article is written for self-hosted sites and Atlas ITS staff updating the Ares server to version 5.0. 
A dialog has been added to the Ares Server installer that allows the server administrator to specify the database user account credentials used to access the Ares database (e.g., the account credentials that can be specified in SAM). This allows you to use custom account names and passwords for Ares as a security measure, without having to manually run modified versions of the standard install scripts.   
If you leave the password field blank, it will use the default Ares password. For self-hosted sites updating existing Ares installations, leave the user name as 'ares' and the password field blank. 
The database username and password values can now be specified during installation using the dialog in the image below. Please ensure any custom credential values keyed into the dialog box are properly managed so you can create appropriate DBC files in SAM and use for future Ares server updates since you'll be required to use the same credentials for both. 


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