Ares 5.0 is Now Available!

Ares 5.0 is available as of 8/10/2020. Ares 5.0 is a major version release and includes support for:

Preparing for Update

Before updating, Atlas recommends all Ares staff users review the release notes, FAQs, and documentation on new or updated features that may impact their typical workflow. Along with a wealth of other information, our online documentation provides details on important changes that staff may notice during the update process.

Staff who plan to run the Ares Client updater/installer should be prepared to:

  • Request a username and password from Atlas Support to gain access to download the Client installation program from Atlas’ online documentation. Click here for details.
  • Determine whether the Ares 5.0 Client should be installed to allow access across all accounts on a machine (must be selected using the Advanced option during installation and requires admin-level Windows’ permissions) or installed for just the individual account logged into Windows during the installation (new default behavior for installer and does not require admin-level Windows’ permissions). Click here for details.
  • If the default Client addons are being used, back up the Addons directory before the update and restore it after all Client updates and deinstallations of previous versions are complete. Click here for details.

All existing staff users should be prepared to:

  • Change existing staff password to meet new security requirements. New passwords must have a minimum length of eight characters and include a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a number. Click here for details.

Helpful Links

Scheduling and Support

If you are hosted by Atlas and would like to upgrade to Ares 5.0, please email with suggested dates. Recommended update days are Tuesday-Thursday.

Locally-hosted Ares sites may request a member of Atlas’ Production Support team virtually attend server updates that are scheduled during Atlas’ during normal business hours. Server administrators should be prepared to lead the update process, with Atlas staff taking a secondary role and providing guidance and support, when necessary. If you’d like to take advantage of this service, please email with details about your preferred date and time.

Please email with any additional questions or concerns.




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