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Ares Client Installer

This file includes the Ares Client, Customization Manager, and Staff Manager.

Note that you cannot install a new version of the Ares client until your Ares server has been updated to that version.

See Updating Ares to the Newest Version for more information. 


4.7                                                     Download  

 4.6                                                        4.6.0 Download                                               
                                                                4.6.6 Download 
                                                                (The 4.6.6 download is only for sites using 


The default installation folder for the client is c:\program files\ares.

4.5.0 Download

4.5.2 Download 

Once you have installed, running this (the client setup) will update you to the latest version of Ares.


Web Pages

A complete set of the Ares default web pages. 

4.7 Download
4.6 Download
4.5 Download

A new set of default web pages to be used in conjunction with Learning Management Systems like Canvas.  These pages are not included in the installer and must be set up manually. For more information on the LMS pages, please see Ares 4.7 Web Page Changes.

LMS Default Web Pages       Download


Print Templates

A complete set of the Ares default print templates. 

4.7 Download
4.6 Download
4.5 Download


SSRS Reports

A complete set of the Ares 4.6 SSRS reports. (No change for

4.7 Download
4.6 Download




Course Management System Files



Ares Angel Nugget 1.0 

(for Angel version 7.3 or higher)   


Ares Blackboard Building Block Setup Files 

(for Blackboard version 9.1 SP14 +)

Blocks and removed on 11/15/2017 as they are for versions of Blackboard Learn that are no longer in support by Blackboard. 


Ares Moodle Addon 2.0 

 (for Moodle versions 2.x)

Ares Moodle Addon 1.0 

 (for Moodle versions 1.x)


Ares WebCT Powerlink 1.3 


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