ILLiad Projects during Coronavirus Closures

On April 16 and 21, I presented 2 sessions on ideas for project that you might want to work on while your library is closed during the Coronavirus pandemic. These recordings are available in the links below. The Q&A transcript is also posted here.


Part 1

Part 2

Please share your project ideas with your colleagues in the comments!


Q&A Part 1

Sometimes you can't click on the Not Received icon when something has been flagged - is there a limited time you can choose that?

The Not Received option will only be available when the OCLC request is in a status to be updated. Verify that the OCLC status is still Not Received. There is also a bug in ILLiad 9.0 that will not allow manual OCLC updates, so try updating the request from the Check In from Lending Library processing screen.

I’ve noticed that articles sent to us from libraries that use CLIO regularly result in Connection Manager errors. I can clear the error and manually update these requests in OCLC, but how should I go about troubleshooting? Is it something on our end, the lender's end, or just a quirk of ILLiad, CLIO, and OCLC talking to each other?

If you can gather a few transaction numbers to send to support with a summary of the problem, they can look at the tracking and history to help troubleshoot. We are not aware of issues with CLIO and ILLiad/OCLC, but you might have discovered one, so please report to support and we can check on what is up with those.

Been trying to get the Electronic Delivery reminder for both doc del and borrow to work, but having troubles with it. Should I contact OCLC support?

Yes—Always feel free to contact support if you are having troubles or things don’t seem to work as you think they should.

Can you talk a bit about LONG lenders?

OCLC created the LONG profile group that identifies lenders that have defined their loan periods that are greater than or equal to 12 weeks/3 months. Contact if you would like to join that group as a lender. You will need to add the group to your Custom Holdings or follow the directions for Borrowing Configurations to use when making a borrowing request.

I'd like to delete out-of-US libraries from Direct Request libraries--is there a quick way to identify which symbols are not in the US?

Direct Request profiles will use Custom Holding Paths that you have created, so you will need to revamp the holdings path you are using for your Direct Request to include only US lenders. Unfortunately, there is not a quick way to view the country of those libraries in your group. You will need to search OCLC Policies Directory for lenders in the US only and go from there.

With updating user statuses, are we able to delete the old user statuses that we no longer use?

Once you change the existing user statuses from the old version to the new version, they will no longer display in reports or as a search option in a custom search. You may need to remove it from your Custom Dropdown table in the Customization Manager. You will also need to make sure that your web pages for registration (NewUserRegistration.html or NewAuthRegistration.html) and change user information/profile (ChangeUserInformation.html) are displaying the correct statuses as well.

Did you just say this presentation recording will be available somewhere? Co-worker did not register in time.

Yes, the recording will be posted in our video training library: Just search by the title ILLiad Projects during Coronavirus Closures.

When merging different lender address entries that are under the same symbol, should one always try to keep address entry 1, or does it not matter? It seems that if you delete entry 1 you can't renumber entry 2 as the new number 1.

The record numbers are not crucial to processing. You do not need an address entry 1, and you can have address records that start with numbers higher than 1.

Changes made in my customization manager only reflect in my ILLiad client and not in my co-workers?

Changes in the Customization Manager should affect all users at your location. Make sure that you log out and back into the Client after making changes. If you are a shared server location, verify that you are updating the site. Otherwise, open a support request to have someone look at the problem with you.

Is there a way to delete/remove disavowed users? (Or delete duplicate user accounts)

The Database Manager is the only way to permanently remove users. Users cannot be deleted until their transactions are deleted. You can merge users by changing one user record to Unclear and using the Merge User feature in the Clear user process. This will disavow the inactive user record. It will not be deleted unless you run the Database Manager.

I just did the custom search to see all addresses and I am seeing a lot that are the symbol with just "Odyssey Sender" in the library name and no other info. Are those libraries that lent to us that we have never lent to - should they be left alone?

Yes these are libraries that you have not lent to. It is fine to leave them as is. You will be prompted add the address information with the Lender Selection form if you were to receive a Lending request from them or if you borrowed a physical item from them.

Where would a route be if not in the routing table. We have two sites/one symbol and my side can send a Lending transaction over to the other side but they cannot do the same and it doesn't appear where the others do?

Local routing should be available for both locations. Contact support to investigate the problem.

What is GAC and what of the other groups that are there that I didn't add?

GAC is short for Group Access Catalog which is now called a Profile Group. You can search the ILL Policies Directory (change the search drop down to Group Symbol) to see members of a Profile Group. Your library Group Memberships will display in your ILL Policies record. The most commonly used Profile Group is LVIS (Libraries Very Interested in Sharing). Many groups have reciprocal lending agreements.

Who do we contact to get added to a group such as Libraries that lend 12 weeks or more?

You can contact OCLC support to be added to the LONG group (lending 12 weeks+). OCLC does have an online form to join ACOV or BCOV.


Q&A Part 2

How do you sort and filter print jobs?

You can add sorting and filtering from the ILLiad menu --> Printer Setup window or the window that opens with the printing prompt. Directions for the sort and filter field label syntax with examples are here:

My University is hoping to move from shared drives to Box. Is ILLiad able to pull print templates from Box or other cloud services?

Right now, ILLiad cannot accommodate Box and other cloud services where file directory names are not the same for all users. We do have this enhancement request in UserVoice, if you would like to add your vote to it:

I created a custom add-on to search Summon over Alma, but we found it slowed down the ILLiad client when opening a request. Is that a common issue?

It is not uncommon that an Addon could cause latency with opening requests. You might look into having the Addon set so that the search is performed when opening the Addon tab rather than executing the search when every request is opened.

Is the default browser for all add-ons still Microsoft Edge, and are there any plans to change that?

This is an enhancement request in UserVoice, you can add your vote here:

Where do you configure the Electronic Delivery Utility to include AE for libraries that don't have Odyssey?

If you have the Article Exchange (AE) integration configured for regular electronic delivery, the Electronic Delivery Utility (EDU) should also send AE documents. You do not need to add any additional configuration for EDU to use AE.

I set up KB years ago and have *no memory* at all how I did it. Now feel like I need to look at what I set up / edit it but can't figure out how to get back "in.” My URLs are set up and have a special queue, but I think there's more collections now I can turn "on" now, but couldn't remember where to do it

The WorldCat KB is configured in the OCLC Service Configuration. Here are a couple of documentation pages that may be helpful. Otherwise, contact OCLC support ( for more assistance.

How to remove Clone option on Web?

To remove the Clone option on the web, you will need to edit the html of the web pages where cloning is enabled. Directions are available here:

Do we need to do anything to implement the mobile pages for ILLiad?

The new web pages available in ILLiad 9.1 will not be installed when you update to ILLiad 9.1. We do not overwrite your current web pages because most users have made modifications from the default versions. We recommend uploading the new pages to the ILLiad testweb for review and apply any changes to branding, field labels, required fields, etc. in that environment for review and testing before moving them to the production directory. Web editing documentation is available here:

If you do not have staff who can edit these pages for you, we can provide a quote for a Web Tune-Up. Atlas web editing is also available through the Concierge service.

Will you have/ do you have any current training on editing web pages? Just need to know how to get into test web, what to update and where, how the pieces fit together.

While the underlying design and layout structure (e.g. css) has changed in the new web pages, the way that the pages record user and citation information that is sent to ILLiad has not changed. Our documentation is a good place to start.

The Video Training Library also has classes on web editing. While these classes address the older version, much of the editing remains the same. You can get access to the Video Training Library for free through June 30, 2020 by requesting an account via

How to add "Print in Adobe" option in Electronic Delivery In Client. There is an option to print in ED but if we need to save only certain pages we need to print in Adobe since Delete not available for all files in ED.

Since this print job is not customizable in the Printer Setup, you would likely need to change the default printer on the computer that is processing the Electronic Delivery to print in Adobe rather than to print to printer hardware. Contact support if this does not solve the issue.

What is the deadline for creating a free/trial account to access Web training?

The Video Training Library will be available for free through June 30, 2020

From your Colleagues—Additional Project Ideas and Suggestions

  • A very good 'clean up' task is to make sure your Policy Directory entry is up to date
  • I normally go into "request sent" at least once a week. sometimes the lender have shipped the article (mostly with rapid article/chapter requests), it shows the lending library, but we haven't received for some reason. It's better to catch those rapid requests early and ask for resend, instead of waiting for it to age out and then start a new request all over again
  • Web edit suggestion: You might want to rename "electronically received articles" to "available for download.”
  • “If I can make a plug here to add scanable barcodes of the ILL number on your bookband/paperwork templates.”
  • Download for Barcode font (3 of 9 Barcode font) is available in our documentation if you don’t have that version installed on your desktop





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