Changing Note Types that Display on Web Pages

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By default, the Aeon web pages will display notes from a request form. You can use the WebNotesFilter customization key to filter out certain note types from displaying.

WebNotesFilter Key

By default, the System note type is filtered out from displaying on the web pages.

  1. Open the Aeon Customization Manager and navigate to Web Interface | Defaults | WebNotesFilter.
  2. Type in the note types that you DO NOT want to appear on the Aeon web pages.
  3. Click Save.


Note Types

There are several types of notes that you can filter from view on the Aeon web pages.


Staff notes are added in the Aeon Client by logged-in staff users. This
is the default note type when adding a note to a request form.

System System notes are added automatically by Aeon.
User User notes are added by patrons on the Aeon web pages from the Notes
field on a request form.
Item Detail Item Detail notes are automatically added to some EAD requests.


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