Adding a Researcher Template Tag to Request Detail Forms

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If you want to be able to view information for proxies associated with a request you can enter the Researcher template tag into your request detail forms (DetailedInformation.html): <#RESEARCHER field="<FIELDNAME>". The Aeon DLL works with the template tag to display the information requested.

For example, placing this HTML above the <#INCLUDE type="DetailedDocTypeInformation"> section of the form displays the researcher's first and last names and email address on the form between the edit/cancel, etc. options menu and the Transaction Information table:

<b>Researcher Information</b>
<li><b>First Name:</b> <#Researcher field="FirstName"></li>
<li><b>Last Name:</b> <#Researcher field="LastName"></li>
<li><b>Email Address:</b> <#Researcher field="EmailAddress"></li>


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