Altering Content-Sensitive Menus

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Default pages such as DetailedInformation.html and ViewCheckedOutDetailedInformation.html include the following line of code to create a content-sensitive menu containing commands such as Edit Request, Cancel Request, and Clone Request: 

<#MENU name="transaction" separator="|">

If you want to remove some of the options that show, you will need to specify the exact menu options you want using the example below. Here, options are indicated by each item element in the tag. Simply include only those options you want to see in the menu.

<#MENU name="transaction" separator="|" item="Edit:Edit Request" item="Cancel:Cancel Request"  item="RemoveHold:Remove from Hold" item="Resubmit:Resubmit Request" item="Clone:Clone Request" item="CloneToCopy:Clone to Copy" item="ViewFile:View Item" item="DeleteFile:Delete Item" item="Submit:Submit Request" item="ApproveOrderEstimate:Approve Estimate" item="ApproveOrderBilling:Approve Billing" item="ExportRIS:Export Citation">

Other default pages containing this line of code are ViewCancelledDetailedInformation.htmlViewDefaultDetailed.html, and ViewDetailedInformation.html.


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