Aeon 5.1 Release Notes

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Important Update Information    

Released July 8th, 2021


As promised on the Aeon Product Roadmap, here are the main features/enhancements of Aeon v5.1:

There are over twenty-three bug fixes and several underlying component updates to continue supporting external systems in this release.                 

Considerations Before You Update            

Review Aeon v5.1 FAQ   

For frequently asked questions and additional information regarding the 5.1 features and fixes, please see the Aeon 5.1 FAQ. You can also view the recorded 5.1 pre-release webinar and a webinar overviewing the new appointment scheduling feature in the Video Training Library. For all other questions, please contact support at

Updating During Normal Working Hours       

Please consider running updates and installations during standard support hours 8 am - 5 pm eastern time (business days: Monday - Friday) so that help is readily available if any issues are encountered.

Updating Procedures       

Before you begin updating, please review the Hardware and Software Requirements for Version 5.1. For specific instructions on updating, see Updating Aeon to the Newest Version.

Aeon 5.1 features a new process that allows users to install the client at the user level without requiring the use of escalated admin privileges. See Updating Aeon to Version 5.1: Updating the Client for more details on choosing between a "per-user" installation or a "per-machine" installation (Note: Installing the client per-user will not install the 3 of 9 barcode font. The font can be downloaded and installed.).

For self-hosted sites, new installation and update PowerShell scripts that support a broader array of configurations will be used to perform the server installation/update. See the "Installing/Updating the Server with PowerShell Scripts" section in Installing the Aeon Server for more information.

Note: The new VersionSystem key will need to be configured during the 5.1 update process if you choose to perform the server update using the new PowerShell scripts. To configure this key, please enter 5.0 when you see the "Unable to determine currently installed server version" warning during the scripting process and are prompted to enter your current version of Aeon.

Addon Updates

New versions of the CaiaSoft Server Addon and the Aeon ArchivesSpace Client Addon are available to ensure functionality with Aeon v5.1. Sites using either of these addons should plan to update to this latest version before updating Aeon to v5.1. For more information, see Addons.

End of Support for Windows 7 

As of v5.1, Windows 7 is no longer a supported operating system. The minimum required operating system for Aeon is now Windows 8.1.

Point Releases 

Bug fixes and new features are added periodically as point releases. See 5.1.x point releases below:

For a list of current known issues, see UserVoice.

Aeon 5.1 Features & Fixes     

Aeon API | Addons | Appointment Scheduling | Customization Manager | Database | Email | Enhanced EAD Processing Engine | Payment Gateways | SQL Alias ManagerStaff Client | Staff Manager | System Manager | Unlimited Configurable Custom Fields | Updating | Web Interface 

Aeon API     

Added an endpoint to the API that will retrieve a list of all requests (or active requests only if the ActiveOnly parameter is used) for a specific user: 
  • users/{username}/requests

Added an endpoint to the API that creates Aeon requests for a specified user:

  • requests/create
Added an endpoint to the API that will retrieve a list of custom fields defined for the specified context type:
  • customFieldDefinitions/{contextType}
Added five new endpoints to the API to support the appointment scheduling feature. See the Appointment Scheduling section of the release notes for more details.
Added support for custom fields when creating a request via the POST Request endpoint. Response objects returned by the GET Request and POST Request endpoints and User objects returned by the GET User endpoint will contain a CustomFields property listing all defined fields for the given request. For configuration information, see Aeon API


Added several improvements to the embedded Chromium browser used by addons to include the following: 
  • Storing any login sessions at the per-user level.
  • Optional 'private mode' flag.
  • Ability to delete cookies. 
  • Ability to download files, including PDFs.

For additional details and configuration instructions, see Chromium WebBrowser.

Note: Google Chrome is built on Chromium. Addons do not use Chrome and instead use an instance of a Chromium browser. This means that if an addon is installed to use Chromium, it will still work even if Chrome is not installed on your machine. 

The CaiaSoft Server Addon was updated to v1.1.2 to ensure full functionality with Aeon v5.1. 

Sites using this addon should plan to update the addon to the new version before updating to Aeon v5.1. To download the new version, see Aeon CaiaSoft Server Addon.


The Aeon ArchivesSpace Client Addon was updated to v2.2.0 to ensure full functionality with Aeon v5.1. 

Sites using this addon should plan to update the addon to the new version before updating to Aeon v5.1. To download the new version, see Aeon ArchivesSpace Client Addon.

Appointment Scheduling


The appointment scheduling feature gives staff the option to configure reading rooms in the Aeon Customization Manager to offer appointment dates and times to patrons for booking. Patrons will have tools available on the web to create, edit, and manage their appointments, as well as the ability to associate a request with an appointment when submitting a new request. Staff will be able to create and manage appointments on behalf of patrons and associate requests with appointments through the Staff Client.

For more information, see the new appointment scheduling articles below: 

New New feature-specific appointment scheduling web pages are available to provide patrons with an appointment scheduling interface. These web pages are not installed by default and must be downloaded from the Aeon Downloads page and manually implemented. For complete instructions, see Implementing the Appointment Scheduling Web Pages
Added five new API endpoints for appointment scheduling:
  • Users/{username}/appointments

    Returns a list of appointments for a given user.

  • ReadingRooms

    Returns a list of reading rooms configured for appointment scheduling in Aeon.

  • ReadingRooms/{id}

    Returns information on a specified reading room identified by ID. 

  • ReadingRooms/{id}/Closures

    Returns a list of full closures for the specified reading room.

  • ReadingRooms/{id}/AvailableAppointments/{date}

    Returns a list of available appointment times for the specified reading room on the specified date.

For configuration information, see Aeon API.

New New AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) endpoints were added to return JSON responses containing all available appointments for a user, all available reading rooms, and appointment availability for a given room and date. Two additional endpoints were also added to handle creating and rescheduling appointments. For more information, see Appointment Scheduling AJAX Endpoints.

Added new tables to the database to support the appointment scheduling feature:

  • Appointments
  • AppointmentExceptions
  • ReadingRooms
  • ReadingRoomsForSites
  • ReadingRoomOpenHours

For details, see Aeon Database Tables.

Customization Manager

Changed Renamed "Taiwan, Province Of China" to "Taiwan" in the Custom Drop Down table's country list. 


Changed Increased the maximum length of match strings for routing rules from 500 characters to an unlimited number of characters to support custom fields that may have longer field names.

Fixed an issue where a transaction could not be added to a bundle with a name and description longer than 255 characters since this would exceed the character limit for creating an entry in the History table. To prevent this error, history entries now truncate bundle names to 100 characters and no longer contain bundle descriptions. Bug# 8806


Increased database password maximum length from 15 to 128 characters for user accounts. Bug# 6496


Fixed the verbiage in the UserAddedToActivity email template to reflect the new Aeon web page design. The old template referenced the nav menu on the left-hand side of the user accounts web page in the old default web pages.
Note: This change only affects the default templates for new installs. Bug# 5348

Enhanced EAD Processing Engine

New Added support for using multiple XSLT files when processing EADs. The DLL will follow the rules set in the Customization Manager's EADMapping table to decide which XSLT file to use for a given EAD, allowing for customized solutions for any EADs with significantly different processing needs. For more information, see The EADMapping Table.
New Added an EADMapping table to the database to support the enhanced EAD processing engine. For details, see Aeon Database Tables.

Payment Gateways

Added the PaymentProviderPrefix customization key to support Aeon web DLL changes that provide more detailed Touchnet transaction identifiers. The key provides a way to specify a string prefix that will be added to the invoice number (external transaction identifier) Aeon sends to TouchNet. This helps to better identify where an invoice originated from when dispersing funds to the appropriate party.


The credit card payment pages are no longer feature-specific pages and are now part of the default web pages. CreditCardPayment.html has been updated with significant changes, and several new include files were added to the default files to work in conjunction with the new payment page. For details on these changes and for instructions on updating your existing credit card payment pages, see Implementing 5.1 Web Page Changes.


Fixed an issue where PayPal transactions would complete on the provider side but would sometimes not be updated in Aeon. Additional error handling was added to report connection timeouts when using the PayPal payment endpoint in the Aeon web pages. Bug# 5360


The handling for 'ancillaryData' TouchNet fields was changed in order to address a bug that prevented data from passing correctly to TouchNet. Changes must be made to CreditCardPayment.html and CreditCardPaymentConfirmation.html to correct this feature. For more information, see Implementing 5.1 Web Page Changes. Bug# 10472


Fixed an issue where the "Pay Now" button on CreditCardPayment.html could be clicked multiple times, leading to duplicate form submissions. To address this issue, atlasUtility.js was updated with new functionality that disables most buttons on form submission. For more information, see Implementing 5.1 Web Page Changes.  Bug# 5638

SQL Alias Manager

An optional standalone installer is now available for the SQL Alias Manager that can be used for more detailed control over the Aeon installation. For more information, see SQL Alias Manager Standalone Installer.

Staff Client

A 'Preferred Name' field has been added to the User Info Form as a user identifier in place of the first name. The preferred name is a searchable parameter. For details, see The User Information Form.
User icons have been updated to display a gender-neutral appearance.

Fixed an issue where exporting the results grid of a Z39.50 search did not include values in the Location, Call Number, or Availability columns, even when values were displayed in those columns. Bug# 5960


Fixed an issue that would compare dates based on UTC time instead of the current time zone for custom searches, which could cause custom searches to display incorrect results when using the datetime search parameters. Bug# 8689


Fixed an issue where a request with no value in the RequestFor field could incorrectly become associated with an activity. Bug# 5751


Fixed an issue that prevented users from being able to log into the Client when the value of the StaffPreviousPasswordCount customization key was set to 0. Aeon will now default to a value of 4 when the key value is set to 0 instead of treating a 0 as null. Bug# 4238


Fixed an issue where using the up and down arrows in the Quick Access Toolbar to switch between transactions after generating an invoice would cause the invoice information to compound instead of creating a new invoice for the next transaction.


Fixed an issue where an error would occur when using the Request Form to route a request with the ResearcherUsername field set to a blank or empty string.

Staff Manager

Changed User icons have been updated to display a gender-neutral appearance.
Fixed Using the "Reset Password" button on the main ribbon will no longer display the "Force Reset on Login" checkbox when changing the password for the user that is currently logged in. Bug# 7030

System Manager

Fixed Fixed an issue where the System Manager's Item Cleanup process stopped running if it encountered an error. It will now restart and try the process again at a later time.

Unlimited Configurable Custom Fields

Aeon now supports the creation of unlimited new custom fields for Transactions, Users, and Activities. These fields are set up in the Customization Manager's Custom Field Definitions table and are supported in forms, email and print templates, routing rules, custom searching, web pages, addons, and API. For a complete overview of this feature, please see Unlimited Custom Fields
Added the ability to set custom fields within existing DLL tags:
<#PARAM name="[Context].CustomFields.[ShortName]">
<#USER field="CustomFields.[ShortName]">
<#TRANSACTION field="CustomFields.[ShortName]">
<#ACTIVITY field="CustomFields.[ShortName]">
<#DATAROW field="[Context].CustomFields.[ShortName]">
These fields can be displayed on any of the web pages. Some additional display options are available. For more information, see Configuring Custom Fields on Web Pages.
New Added two new tables to the database, CustomFieldDefinitions and CustomFieldValues, to support the new unlimited custom fields feature. For details, see Aeon Database Tables.



Added the VersionSystem customization key that will track which version of the Aeon server is currently installed. This key will be automatically incremented with the new version each time an update is installed.


For self-hosted sites, new installation and update PowerShell scripts that support a broader array of configurations should be used to perform the server installation/update. For more information, please see the "Installing/Updating the Server with PowerShell Scripts" section in Installing the Aeon Server.

Note: The new VersionSystem key will need to be configured during the 5.1 update process if you choose to perform the server update using the new PowerShell scripts. To configure this key, please enter 5.0 when you see the "Unable to determine currently installed server version" warning during the scripting process and are prompted to enter your current version of Aeon.


Updated the Aeon Client installer to allow staff to choose if the Client should be installed "per-user" or "per-machine." Per-user installations will not require admin privileges. The installer will remember the choice of installation scope and will default to that option on future updates. For details, see Updating Aeon to Version 5.1.

Note: Installing the Client per-user will not install the 3 of 9 barcode font. The font can be downloaded and installed.

Web Interface


Several changes were made to the default web pages. The new web pages are not installed automatically to prevent overwriting any customizations your institution may have created. The complete set of 5.1 web pages are available for download on the Aeon Downloads page. For more information, see Implementing 5.1 Web Page Changes:

  • Item titles now link to their associated request details pages on the Saved Requests web page, and Edit and Request Copy buttons are now visible for each saved request by default.
  • Added an Actions dropdown menu for each saved request that contains Cancel, Clone to Copy, Export Citation, and Submit Request options.
  • Updated the Saved Requests link in the navigation bar's Order History dropdown menu with a more intuitive look and feel to display the current number of saved requests for the user and a shopping cart icon.
  • Added a RequestFor dropdown on ViewUserReviewRequests.html so that saved requests can now be associated with a researcher or activity when submitted.
  • Fixed an issue where web validation was not applied to saved requests by replacing the status class with the statusLine class on KeepInReview.js.
  • Added HTML5 form validation to the EAD request form.
  • Fixed an issue where the "FOR DUPLICATION ORDERS" label was hidden on the detailed information page for photoduplication orders. Bug# 7337
  • Fixed an issue where the "Search only active requests" option returned results for all requests. Bug# 7335
  • Added a missing "formnovalidate" attribute to the cancel button on ExpiredUsers.html to allow users to stop the request form and return to the main menu. Bug# 6909
  • Updated the calendar icon next to the date picker on request forms to a new look as a clickable "Font Awesome" icon.
  • Normalized the quoting style for DLL Tags.
  • Removed the "form-control" class from all select elements.
  • Added footer tags to ViewOrderApprovals.html.
  • Added the Site Map link to the footer on Logon.html. Bug# 6681
  • Removed the custom "new-line" CSS class from the default CSS and replaced all <span> elements using the "new-line" class attribute with <div> elements.

Four new default web pages have been added:

  • Added GenericRequestManuscriptPhotodup.html and GenericRequestMonographPhotodup.html for monograph and archive photoduplication requests. These pages can be accessed by new "Switch to Photoduplication Request" buttons that were added to the existing monograph and archive request pages. See Implementing 5.1 Web Page Changes for configuration instructions.
  • Added EditGenericRequestManuscriptPhotodup.html and EditGenericRequestMonographPhotodup.html as corresponding edit pages for the new photoduplication requests pages.
New Added a blank custom.js page to the default web pages for site-specific custom JavaScript changes.
Added a new tag (<#USER field="UserReviewCount">) in the Aeon Web Pages that will retrieve the total number of requests in review for the current user.
Added a web tag to handle generating a list of checkbox groups. This tag is not added by default, to add to the web pages, see Adding Web Tags for Generating Custom Checkbox Groups.
Added duplicationPermissionToggle.js to the default web pages, which makes it possible to use radio buttons to show or hide content on web pages based on the user's selection. For more information on configuring this feature, see Show or Hide Content Based on Radio Button Selections.

The default RequestsInReviewDataRow.html file was renamed to DataRow_ReviewRequest.html, and the default ViewUserReviewRequests.html file was also updated with new code to reflect this change. See Implementing 5.1 Web Page Changes for more details. 

Changed Empty drop-down actions/transaction menus that have been disabled will now include a tooltip that reads "You are not able to perform any actions for this request since you did not create it.".

Removed Session ID as a URL parameter and from all submitted forms to enhance web session security.         

Changed Improved performance when loading request action menus and getting total billing charges by implementing caching of request information in the DLL.
Changed Enabled the "Request Copy" action for requests in the Awaiting User Review queue. 


Cloning requests from the web will now consider document type when determining which request form to display if the WebRequestForm field is "DefaultRequest," "EADRequest," or "PhotoduplicationRequest."


Updated the <#COPYRIGHT> tag to display the current year, 2021, in the footer of the web pages.


The existing "data-persistedValue" attribute styling has been deprecated, but can still be used without causing any break in functionality. Web pages will now use the new "data-persisted-value" styling in all future changes.

Several updates were made to the web pages to fix accessibility issues. See Implementing 5.1 Web Page Changes for more details:

  • Added header classes for h1-h6 elements to the default CSS that can now be used on any element.
  • Updated header elements on certain datarow templates and on webAlerts.js to instead use div elements with the relevant header class to fix an issue caused by missing header values on screenreaders. Bug# 10178
  • Fixed an invalid aria-labelledby target on webalerts.js.
  • Updated and standardized "Research Topics" checkboxes on user pages to fix an issue with missing form labels.

Fixed an issue where the 'Logged in as' user profile menu would not display the username on the FAQ, About, and Site Map pages when navigating to the pages as the logged-in user. Bug# 4415

Fixed Fixed an issue where adding a new line to a web alert would break the alert message preventing it from being properly displayed on the web pages. Bug# 7246

The SLActiveRequestsUnlimited customization key has been added to display when the UserRequestLimit is set to 'Yes' but the user has a request limit of '0' set in the Client (so that the user can have unlimited requests).

The handling for the <#REQUESTLIMIT> tag has been removed from individual request status lines (SLEADRequestRecieved, SLSubmitExternalRequest, etc) and should now only be used with SLActiveRequestsWithLimit. For additional details, see Aeon Customization Keys. Bug# 3732

Fixed Fixed an issue where special ISO dates weren't being properly formatted. Added handling for special ISO DateTime formatting on Activity Tags. Bug# 8611
Fixed Fixed an issue where using the "Request Copy" action for a request in the "Item Checked Out" or "Available for Use" status would not redirect the user to the Edit Photoduplication form and returned an error status stating that the request could not be edited. Bug# 7393
Fixed Fixed issues in the DLL where some requests were not being routed to "Awaiting Item Delivery" after making a credit card payment and where some requests incorrectly did not allow editing in the web.
Fixed Fixed an issue in the DLL where a duplicate request was created if the user refreshed the page or had to log back in due to an expired web session after submitting the initial request.  Bug# 8826

Aeon 5.1 Point Releases

12 Jul 2021 (5.1.2) Client Release


Fixed an issue where sorting a grid of requests in the Client by a column other than the default or applying a filter to the grid would sometimes cause the grid to disappear and display an error if it contained requests with associated appointments.

15 Jul 2021 (5.1.3) Client Release

The earlier versions of the v5.1 Client installers have been removed and replaced with v5.1.3. The 5.1.3 Client release includes all the same features from v5.1.1 and v5.1.2, along with additional bug fixes.

Updating to v5.1.3

Version 5.1.3 includes a bug fix for the automatic updater. If you had previously installed v5.1.1 or v5.1.2 of the Aeon Client, you will not be prompted to update and must perform the update to the new version manually by downloading and running the v5.1.3 installer

Fixed an issue where configuring the appointment scheduling feature for one site in a multi-site instance of Aeon would cause the appointment controls to show in the Client for all sites and lead to errors for any sites that had not configured this feature. The Client now considers whether the appointment feature is enabled on a site-by-site basis.


Fixed an issue where the Client automatic updater would sometimes fail to run the downloaded MSI file when performing an update.

15 Jul 2021 (5.1.4) Server Release


Fixed an issue with the server installer scripts where specifying an alternative installation location for the SQL Alias Manager would still install it in the default location and the scripts would fail to automatically create the DBC file for the system. 


Updated the Aeon System Manager to v5.1.1 to fix an error that would display in the logs stating that the license was missing for the IPWorks SSH component and prevent the Aeon SFTP File Server component from working correctly. 


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