Aeon Release Schedule


Major versions of Aeon are released once a year.

These major version releases include database changes and require both server and client updates. Other smaller point releases are released throughout the year. Details on the new features and bug fixes included in each version can be found in the Aeon Release Notes.

  Release Date End of Support
Aeon 3.5 15 October 2013 1 January 2015
Aeon 3.6 15 April 2014 1 October 2015
Aeon 3.7 28 October 2014 1 October 2016
Aeon 3.8 1 September 2015 1 November 2017
Aeon 3.9 8 September 2016 1 October 2018
Aeon 4.0 4 October 2017 1 October 2019

You can see instructions on updating to the newest version of Aeon at Updating Aeon to Version 4.0

If you have any questions or enhancement ideas, please contact Atlas Systems by emailing or calling 800-567-7401 x1 or 757-467-7872.


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